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Luxury Brands vs. Personal Data – Breakfast for Analysts by Piwik PRO & Valtech

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Published November 12, 2019 · Updated August 9, 2020

Luxury Brands vs. Personal Data – Breakfast for Analysts by Piwik PRO & Valtech

Join our CEO Maciej Zawadziński and our technology partners, Valtech’s Eric Petegnief and Pascal Malotti, in a discussion about sensitive online data in the luxury industry. We will cover topics such as data security and GDPR compliance using a luxury brand case study.

Attend our Breakfast for Analysts on November 21, 2019, 8:30 AM CET at Valtech office, 148 rue de Courcelles, Paris.

What you can expect

Data security is a complex matter, particularly so in the context of luxury brands, which have specific requirements for data collection and governance. We want to start our joint event by discussing these needs, and use the case study to show how we handle them.

We’ll detail the methodology and various processes we use, and discuss the deployment phase of the project. The talk will address the challenges that come with the GDPR, and touch upon various issues connected with privacy, security and customer trust. You can also expect a short comparison of Piwik PRO and Google Analytics with special focus on the use cases specific for the luxury industry.

Sounds interesting? Click here and sign up for the event:

Luxury Brands vs. Personal Data
Breakfast for Analysts

by Piwik PRO & Valtech

Thursday, November 21, 2019, 8:30 CET
Valtech office, 148 rue de Courcelles, Paris

About our partner – Valtech

Customer expectations are constantly changing, and even the most established companies must disrupt or be disrupted. That’s why the world’s biggest brands turn to Valtech for future-proof business transformation.

Valtech is an award-winning global digital agency with 3,000 employees working across 38+ offices and 16 countries. It blends 25 years of technical heritage, creative marketing, strategy consulting and data science expertise, delivering real ROI for its clients. The agency removes complexity and provides innovative, frictionless solutions that close the experience gap between customer expectation and reality.


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