Current Cloud version: 6.2.0

Current On-Premises version: 6.0.0

6.2.0 Release

July 26, 2018

Application Changes



Row evolution report for funnel step

Tag Manager


Use Variables (cover different types of Variables like string, integer, bolean, objects) based on usage context

Reduce cookies expiration dates

New DoubleClick tag templates (Floodlight Counter and Floodlight Sales)


Click URL trigger works when clicking on an image

Disable “Publish” button to users with no publish permissions



Disable the “Publish” button to users with no publish permissions

Audience Manager


Pull the list of Audiences

Get Profiles from the Audience – one of the possible formats is CSV so it allows exporting an Audience to that format via API.

Released Audience Manager API as a part of Piwik PRO Marketing Suite API, along with the documentation (will be available on

Consent Manager


The ability to manage consents via JavaScript API

Consents stats reports

Stabilize consent widgets’ and consent popups’ styles

HTML elements tree in visual editor

User with “Edit & Publish” permissions can now manage consents

Debug button in Consent Manager

Improve consent copy changes view

Button to reset chosen form setup (text and CSS)

Consent form/ “intro” copy changes history

Serve consents popup after 6 months since the last time it was served

Error handling/notification in Consent Admin


“” event isn’t missing, when clicking on “View privacy settings” in privacy bar

Data subject request works when trying to send the second request