Piwik Enterprise

Piwik is a fully-featured, self-hosted analytics platform providing relevant and reliable insights about your users and customers.

We offer professional, 3rd level support to help you host Piwik on your infrastructure and make the most out of it. Piwik PRO experts will not only help you set up, configure and optimise Piwik for your needs, but also troubleshoot any issues and respond immediately to any potential problems, in close relation with your team.

Piwik Enterprise highlights

Self-hosted analytics platform

Enjoy the power of your very own fully featured analytics platform. Analytics data is kept on your servers and never shared outside of your organisation.

User and technical support

If you experience any issues, we will provide fast, competent and clear responses focusing on finding the best solution to your problem.

Tweak Piwik for your needs

We can help you analyse and integrate your intranet, ecommerce, web, mobile apps and other data using the Piwik platform.

Help with platform development

If you plan to integrate Piwik or extend it, get the support directly from the makers of the software.


We help you to scale Piwik for high traffic website and set up a redundant infrastructure ensuring that your data tracking service is always available.


Piwik respects the privacy of your users and helps you comply EU & local law regulations.

Advanced server-side setup

We can help you setup a scalable, redundant infrastructure ensuring that your analytics platform is always available.

Infrastructure monitoring

With Premium or PRO plans, we can monitor your Piwik instance 24/7 so we can react quickly so we can detect and fix any problems quickly.

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Basic Standard Premium PRO


Unlimited email support 24x7
Unlimited phone support 24x7


Setup and configuration
Piwik maintenance
24/7 monitoring
Consulting services 2 hrs/month 4 hrs/month 8 hrs/month Contact us


Critical issues 2 days 2 days 1 day from 4 hours
Other issues 5 days 4 days 3 days 1 day

Premium features

Premium plugins
Custom features
$5990/year $16600/year $36500/year get a quote
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