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We are the world's leading experts in delivering custom analytics solutions based on Piwik platform.

Piwik PRO team will help you define requirements, design, develop and maintain a complete analytics platform based on Piwik. We also offer user trainings and advanced developer trainings for your team.

How can we help?

We offer custom development, white labelling, consulting and training services.


We design, develop and maintain custom analytics solutions based on Piwik.

See our most popular use cases

  • 1 Integrate Piwik with your systems (CRMs, marketing automation tools and others)
  • 2 Provide new data visualisations
  • 3 Collect and integrate additional data from 1st party and 3rd party sources
  • 4 Build business intelligence logic into Piwik
  • 5 Create advanced custom reports
  • 6 Extract insights from the user data
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Our white labelling service provides a fully branded analytics experience to your customers.

We personalise the look & feel of Piwik to match your corporate identity, and replace all mentions of Piwik in the UI by your product name.

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Need a dedicated consultant working on your project? We outsource our consultants to work directly with your team/for your company (in-house or offshore)

See our consultancy areas

  • 1 KPI analysis
  • 2 Increasing accessibility of web pages
  • 3 Business intelligence
  • 4 Navigation analysis
  • 5 User behavior analysis
  • 6 Improving user experience.
  • 7 Exit page and lost sale analysis
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Training can be organised either onsite, online or in one of our training centers.

We tailor our training program to suit your specific requirements.

See what Piwik trainings we offer

  • 1


    Introduction to web analytics and Piwik.
  • 2


    Piwik advanced features (technical background required).
  • 3


    Piwik best practices for data tracking and usage.
  • 4


    Learn how to develop and extend Piwik.
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