A/B Testing Tags

Utilize Piwik PRO Tag Manager’s versatility to quickly deploy A/B testing tags, using both pre-set and custom tags without Flash Of Original Content (FOOC).

How does Piwik PRO Tag Manager help with A/B testing?

Instead of waiting ages on IT support to help you optimize the critical parts of your website or marketing campaign, you can easily deploy A/B testing tags, including custom tags for niche tools. With Piwik PRO Tag Manager, it is possible to quickly launch new A/B tests, modify testing tags and turn tests on and off – all without unnecessary delay.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Piwik PRO Tag Manager enables easy and hassle free implementation with built-in Optimizely and VWO tag templates. Simply add your VWO or Optimizely ID and you are ready to start testing.

No Flash of Original Content

No Flash of Original Content

Because Piwik PRO Tag Manager uses synchronous loaded directly from the section, you will never see the Flash Of Original Content effect during your tests so your tests remain more reliable.

Custom A/B testing tags

Custom A/B testing tags

If you rely on custom A/B testing solutions other than Optimizely and VWO – don’t worry. Piwik PRO Tag Manager provides custom synchronous HTML tag implementation to deploy the A/B testing tool of your choice.

Better control of A/B tests

Use Piwik PRO Tag Manager triggers and conditions to control your testing even better. Choose whether to run your tests only on a specific URLs, for mobile users or even for particular users using specific campaign parameters.

A full-featured tag management system

Instead of having to put up with long delays and rely on IT support, deploy exactly the tags you need, when you need them all by yourself and get the insights you require to make data-driven decisions.

New Vendor Verification

Use Piwik PRO Tag Manager to quickly check and see how new A/B tools work before adopting them.

Greater Control

Launch and change A/B tests in a matter of minutes, modify them dynamically so you get the insights you need without any extra technical hassle.

Reduced IT Costs

Free your marketing and analytics departments from dependence on IT support and reduce your IT costs in the process.

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