Real Time Analytics

Use Piwik PRO Analytics and make sure you always get analytics data with no delays.

Why do I need Piwik PRO Real Time Analytics?

Get the most up-to-date analytics data using Real Time Analytics by Piwik PRO. Request data for “today”, “this week”, or any other date range including the current day to get the most recent analytics data. Live reports are refreshed every 10 seconds, or you can customize report settings to get them refreshed at intervals of your choice. Piwik PRO puts you in the eye of the storm so you can observe everything happening around you in real time.

Live! widget

See the flow of visits to your website in selected period of time, right on the dashboard. Fresh data served up hot every five seconds by default.

Real time geolocation

Are you targeting a specific country or region? Use the real time map to see if your aim is accurate and adjust something if you’re missing the mark.

Visitor log

Review individual user sessions. Understand how users move around your site before converting goals. Apply custom variables for more granularity.

Real Time Analytics API

Piwik PRO integrates easily with your CRM tools, e-commerce database and other data warehouses. Use Real Time for maximum insights into your users.

Piwik PRO provides you with powerful tools for a better understanding of your traffic in real time.

Monitor diverse metrics

Piwik PRO Real Time Live! widget gives you information about date, number of actions, time spent on site, country, browser, OS, referrer, and goal conversions.

Investigate individual profiles

The visitor profile displays all previous visits of an individual user, as well as a summary of key information about activity. Drill deeper into your visitors’ histories by accessing individual visitor profiles.

Access all visits and actions

Query individual visitor records or retrieve visits from a custom date range using the Live! API. Data can be prepared and exported in a large range of formats for further processing.

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