Video Analytics

Videos can make for engaging content, but are your videos working as well they could be? Get the data you need to optimize your video content.

Why do I need Piwik PRO Video Analytics?

You’ve invested resources into producing video content, now you can make sure you get a good return on investment. Learn who your viewers are and how they interact with your videos. Find out where you might need to tweak their content to increase conversions. See which videos are worth promoting in certain regions. Make data-driven decisions about your videos.

Improve your video content

Get a better picture of what’s working, what isn’t, and why. Maybe part of a video is great but the ending disappoints. Maybe it depends on where the viewer is from. Get the data you need to optimize your video content and better engage with your visitors.

How are viewers watching?

Count the number of overall plays, pauses, and resumes. You can also add as many thresholds as you need to see when users watch only part of a video. Get reports for when users watch 20%, 50%, and 80% of a video, for example.

Learn who your viewers are

See where viewers are from, what kind of device they’re using, and with which browser and operating system.

Works with your videos

Video Analytics works with any kind of HTML5 video content and compatibility with YouTube and Vimeo is coming soon.

Seamless Integration with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Video Analytics, like all our analytics features, are integrated with the full suite of Piwik PRO tools. Create custom dashboards, data views, reports, etc. and easily integrate video Video Analytics data into your decision processes.

User-level data

See reports of how individual users interact with videos. Get a more intuitive feel for the user experience.

Customizable reports

See Video Analytics data how and where you want in your personalized dashboard.

Compliance guaranteed

As with all other Piwik PRO features, privacy compliance is built-in.

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