Advanced Segmentation

Use the powerful segmentation possibilities of Piwik PRO to turn aggregated web analytics data into actionable insights

What does web analytics data segmentation do for me?

Segmentation of web analytics data takes raw aggregated numbers and shows you how different user groups behave. You specify what subsets of users are of interest, and Piwik PRO gives you knowledge that you can use to optimize your marketing and advertising efforts.

Compare your segments

Compare user segments to uncover differences that create valuable business insights. Use Piwik PRO comparison dashboards to compare your KPIs for individual segments. Compare segment performance where it matters most using Piwik PRO funnel segmentation.

Apply and Create Segments on the Go

Piwik PRO allows you to create sophisticated segments at each stage of your analysis. Make new segments and apply them to your reports whenever you need deeper insights. Free yourself from aggregated data.

Advanced Conditions

Advanced conditions allow you to create the most detailed and sophisticated segments tied to your analytical needs. Use simple logical sequences and regular expressions to filter out the right user groups.

Real time segmentation

Create new segments that get updated in real time. Never worry about data freshness. You can create our segments and observe how they change within minutes.

Segmentation is the only way to get a handle on your users.

Piwik PRO tracks every single visit to your site. While each visitor is unique, there are groups you want to understand better based on demographics, location, preferences, or other criteria you decide are relevant. Segmentation gives context to your Piwik PRO web analytics data.

Advanced Segmentation for Optimized Strategy

Apply segmented view to identify groups of your visitors that may be responsible for the highest drop-off rates. Improve their performance or exclude them from your campaigns to decrease acquisition costs and allocate your resources more effectively.

Combine with user-level data

Take segmentation and combine it with Piwik PRO user-level data that tracks the customer journey. Summaries of individual user behavior combined with segmented analytics data help you achieve the fullest understanding of what motivates your users. Segmentation helps you create a narrative about your business and your website visitors.

Custom segmentation

Create custom segments and always put your data in the right context. Make the rich set of default segments even richer be setting your own parameters. Piwik PRO segmentation allows for far-reaching customization. Use segments to help understand who drops off most frequently in the sales funnel, where they do it, and create a plan to retain more of those users.

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