Professional services & customer care

Dedicated analytics support so you can collect better customer data and act on it

Get expert advice to pull actionable insights from your analytics data. We lead you through implementation and product training. We also offer consulting whenever challenges arise.

Dedicated account manager

We make sure our clients know our platform and feel comfortable using it. Our role is to guide you through onboarding, run training sessions and answer questions. And we’re always here whenever you need help with our product.


We learn about your needs and business objectives. Based on that, we create an implementation plan. The plan translates your goals into particular solutions in our product.

Training sessions and Q&As

We assist you along the learning path. You can schedule training and Q&A sessions with us. We’re ready to work with you on your use cases and help you implement the tracking plan.

Quarterly consultations

Once a quarter we carefully review your account to check if the current reporting setup brings you closer to desired goals, and we recommend changes and updates.

“We had a lot of support from Piwik PRO’s customer success team. One big difference to what we had with Adobe is that we didn’t have personal contact with a helpdesk employee. With Piwik PRO we’re experiencing this high-touch, personal service. It fits us more because it’s the kind of service that we aim to deliver to our customers as well. With Piwik PRO it feels more like home.”

Yerzy Benistant
Digital Analyst at XS4ALL

Support & delivery

We ensure you get fast and uninterrupted access to your analytics insights

Guaranteed support & SLA

Whatever SLA level you choose, you get guaranteed support so that all critical issues, uptime and incidents are under control.

Technical installation & setup

You get help from service delivery managers who handle the technical side of the projects, such as on-premises installations, data migration or product integrations.

Guides & documentation

You receive access to vast technical documentation and product guides to fully understand our platform.

Professional services

Our technical experts are ready to find custom solutions to your challenges

Personalized implementation & onboarding

When you need assistance, our experts handle technical setup and implementation of our product, on-site or remotely. On top of that, we do deep discovery sessions to identify your business goals and map them to the functionalities of our product.

Tailored training & workshops

We lead product training sessions and workshops where you learn the skills needed to use analytics insights in your day-to-day work. Every workshop is unique, because we tailor them to the use cases of particular teams and stakeholders.

Custom development & integrations

We can integrate Piwik PRO Analytics Suite with every product in your data ecosystem (CRMs, BI tools and more). Our team also adapts the platform to your specific use cases through custom development.

Analytics consulting

We audit your current analytics setup and interview you about your goals. Based on that, we advise you on what to change in your tracking and reporting so that the data can better support your decision-making process and bring you closer to your business objectives.

Professional services and customer care are available in the Enterprise plan of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Compare the Piwik PRO Core and Enterprise plans.

“As solution architects we work with you to design the optimal analytics and implementation plan that meets your unique needs. Our mission is to empower you with clean, well-structured data for producing a strong and reliable decision-making process.”

Mateusz Krempa
Chief Operating Officer at Piwik PRO

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