Piwik PRO Tag Manager vs. Google Tag Manager

Compare over 70 features, ease of use and data privacy compliance

Piwik PRO Tag Manager Google Tag Manager
Data Collection
Integration with consent manager
Integration with customer data platform
Workspaces for concurrent tagging projects
"Overview" dashboard
Import/export of tag configurations
Import of tag, variable, trigger configuration between websites
Moderation queue
Folders for tags, triggers and variables
Dedicated containers for AMP and mobile
Asynchronous tag support
Synchronous tag support
Tag templates for A/B testing tools
Tag template library
Analytics tag templates
Custom tags
Custom pop-ups
Content personalization (banners, ads and HTML elements)
Tag templates for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads conversion and remarketing pixels
Tag templates for usability and CRO tools
Custom tags templates
Library of triggers and conditions
Built-in templates for triggers and conditions
Custom triggers and conditions
Page view trigger
Scroll-based trigger
History change trigger
Leave intent trigger
Form submission trigger
Element visibility trigger
Click ID-, class- or URL-based trigger templates
YouTube video triggers
Event trigger templates
Trigger groups
Dedicated triggers for AMP and mobile apps
Built-in variable templates
Custom JavaScript variables
Cookie-based variables
Data layer-based variables
DOM element-based variables
Lookup table macro
Testing and debugging
Test and debug mode
Event log
"Simulate opt-out" mode
Flexibility and limits
Unlimited number of user roles and permissions
Unlimited number of tags
Unlimited number of custom variables
Support for two-factor authentication (2FA)
Privacy & compliance
GDPR compliance
Opt-out/Do Not Track option at the individual tag level
Zero cookie load
Adjusting fired tags to visitor's privacy preferences
Customer care
Self-service help center
Community forum
Live chat support
Email support
Dedicated support specialist
Dedicated account manager
Personalized implementation and onboarding
Personalized product training
Custom integrations and development

This comparison is based on the publicly available information gathered in September 2021

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