Analyze the customer journey across websites and apps

An analytics suite with a focus on user privacy and data security
– the perfect alternative to Google Analytics

Optimize the customer journey where it was previously impossible

On-premises and private cloud storage options give you full control over your data. That allows you to safely analyze the digital user experience in more places, including post-login areas, banking and healthcare platforms, or SharePoint spaces.

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Get high-touch customer care and consulting

Our experts help you map your business goals into KPIs, handle deployment, set up tailored reports and get a grip on our product. And you can count on them whenever you need extra guidance.

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Don’t sacrifice data security and user privacy

Avoid analytics platforms that reuse your data in suspicious ways. Unlike Google Analytics, we don’t sell your data to advertisers. We give you the instruments to further protect user privacy and security.

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  • Analytics for web & mobile
  • Analytics for product teams
  • SharePoint analytics
  • Tag management
  • Single customer view
  • Privacy compliance

Analytics for web & mobile

Get the complete picture of the user experience and customer journey. Understand user behavior on websites and apps, from public pages to post-login areas, such as patient accounts on e-healthcare platforms.

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Analytics for web & mobile - User flow

Analytics for product teams

Collect data about any interaction with minimal coding. Improve products and optimize the experience at every stage of the user lifecycle.

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Analytics for product teams - Core report

SharePoint analytics

Collect data about how employees work together and communicate on your intranet. Optimize the content and find new ways to encourage employee engagement and knowledge sharing.

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SharePoint analytics - Dashboard

Tag management

Use one simple panel to manage all the tools in your marketing stack. Configure new tags and test new vendors with no involvement of IT teams.

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Tag management - Tag

Single customer view

Consolidate your data sources to create a 360-degree single customer view. See all the information about users in one place to understand them better and make more informed decisions.

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Single customer view

Privacy compliance

Ask before you collect data. Respect user privacy and regulations all over the world. Collect and manage consents and data requests in one place to simplify compliance.

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Privacy compliance - Conser Manager Insights

What our customers say

Piwik PRO blog

Where digital marketing professionals find advice on how to collect and analyze data in a privacy-friendly way

July 22, 2021

6 ways analytics software collects data online – plus a comparison of 5 popular platforms

Data collection and analysis are a vital part of running any organization. For online data tracking, cookies and fingerprinting are among the most popular technologies and the basis for many tracking methods. In this article, we'll discuss those different methods and the possibilities they provide. Additionally, we'll compare how these 5 platforms approach tracking: Piwik […]

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July 20, 2021

Toon Vuursteen: Citizens are used to a smooth digital interaction with commercial companies and they expect the same from their government

Maciej Zawadziński: The private sector is often used as a benchmark in evaluating the online presence of government organizations. Public institutions work very differently than companies, so what is the point of doing that? Toon Vuursteen: I always advise public institutions not to take the private sector as an example too much. Of course, there […]

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July 13, 2021

Piotr Banaszczyk: Privacy is the biggest force shaping the future of online advertising

Maciej Zawadziński: The efficiency of online advertising depends on the collection of consumer data and cross-domain tracking. Will the industry manage without third-party cookies and with Apple’s IDFA that allows consumers to completely opt out from tracking? Or will we say “goodbye” to online advertising? Piotr Banaszczyk: I don’t believe that these privacy changes will […]

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