Piwik PRO: Enterprise Analytics and Customer Data Platform

An on-premises & cloud solution designed for data sensitive industries guaranteeing 100% data control

Piwik PRO: Enterprise Analytics, Tag Manager, Personalization and Customer Data Platform

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Canada Government

They were very professional and delivered within budget and time frames. The resulting implementation is perfectly integrated with our web environment both in terms of look and function. Our users have been very impressed with our Piwik-based web analytics solution. That level of integration would not have been possible with any other solution…

Étienne Beaulé Chief
Application Platforms, Government of Canada

Piwik PRO’s use cases for more demanding enterprises

Gain full access to a variety of features and integrations of an on-premises Marketing Stack.

100% Data Ownership and Privacy Compliance

100% Data Ownership and Privacy Compliance

Data privacy is no longer a luxury feature for companies – it’s non-negotiable. Piwik PRO Stack can be hosted on-premises or in a private cloud, allowing you to retain complete ownership and control of the data.

Data Analysis & Segmentation

Data Analysis & Segmentation

Integrate customer data from web analytics, CRM, transactional systems and other custom sources to create detailed and highly actionable user segments and single customer view.

Data Activation & Usage

Data Activation & Usage

Activate your collected and segmented data by exporting it to the most popular DSPs and Ad Platforms. Personalize your website content and based on visitors activity across your domains

Powerful Analytics & Tag Manager

Powerful Analytics & Tag Manager

Manage DSP pixels, DMP trackers, Personalization Pop-Ups, Creatives and all other tracking pixels and marketing tags with ease. Maintain full control over your digital marketing actions and deploy tags quickly and efficiently.

Piwik PRO

How do Piwik and Piwik PRO compare?

Compare the free, open-source community version with Piwik PRO On-Premises – improved enterprise-grade, self-hosted web analytics system.

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By storing your web analytics data on-premises, you have complete control over the security procedures safeguarding your user data against cyber attacks. Moreover.

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