Easy and transparent consent collection

Categorize data from Analytics and Tag Manager so that data purposes always agree with the consent received. Customize consent forms to match each website’s design and language.

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GDPR Consent Manager

Everything you need to know about cookie consent in the EU

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Valid consent collection

Always work on data your visitors agree to share with you. In the case of refusal or no decision, trackers won’t collect even a bit of personal information.

Withdrawals & amendments

Give your visitors a way to change or withdraw their consents. Consent Manager will automatically adjust data collection to their new preferences.

Zero cookie load

Respect the guidance from France’s CNIL, the requirements of Germany’s TTDSG/TDDDG and the upcoming ePrivacy regulation. Prevent your tags from running before you obtain a legal consent.

Opt-out mechanism

Provide users with an easy opt-out mechanism to comply with CCPA and other privacy laws.

GDPR consents only for EEA residents

Display your consent requests only to those in the European Economic Area (EEA), which covers the whole jurisdiction of the GDPR, including all EU countries.

Multiple tracking options

Choose between different tracking methods to satisfy compliance requirements and collect valuable data about your customers and visitors.

Consent Manager form
Use our Cookie Scanner to find out if your website launches any first- or third-party cookies before visitors agree to their use.

Reports on performance

Take advantage of analytics to monitor and optimize the opt-in ratio of your consent messages

Consent Manager reports

Easy configuration

Hassle-free implementation

Create user requests without writing a single line of code. Define which websites require compliance, the reasons for data collection, and craft your message.

Customizable forms

Change every detail of your pop-ups and bottom bars or build your own consent experience using the powerful JavaScript API.

Tag Manager integration

Out-of-the-box integration with Tag Manager allows you to fully align fired tags with the choices of your visitors.

Consent Manager editor

Data subject requests

Collecting & managing

Let your visitors submit their requests using a customizable widget, then you can gather, process and resolve all requests in one simple panel.

Data requests’ history

See a full history of data requests issued by visitors. Use the records to prove your compliance in case of an audit by data protection authorities.

Consent Manager - Data subject requests

Professional services & customer care

From implementation and onboarding, through product training, to analytics consulting and custom integrations – we provide a personal approach on every step of your journey with Piwik PRO.

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Free comparison of 10 leading consent management platforms

Compare 40 key differences to determine which CMP fits your business needs: Piwik PRO, Cookie Information, Cookiebot, Usercentrics, OneTrust, UniConsent, Didomi, Osano, CookieYes and Ketch.


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