Make Your Analytics Stack GDPR-compliant
with Piwik PRO GDPR Consent Manager

Collect visitor consents to respect user privacy and efficiently manage all data subject requests from one place

How does Piwik PRO Consent Manager work?

How does Piwik PRO GDPR Consent Manager work?

Consent Manager quickly processes consent changes and data subject requests

Turn GDPR compliance on & off

Turn GDPR compliance
on & off

Turn on the GDPR compliance features when regulations require you to or turn it off if you are handling consent by other means. Apply the settings to any website to change how tags are fired. Piwik PRO will trigger tags and collect data accordingly:

GDPR compliance is off – new visitors opted-in by default

GDPR compliance is on – new visitors opted-out by default and will receive a consent form pop-up.

Collect visitor consents

Collect visitor consents

First-time visitors receive a consent form asking for permission to collect data for a defined set of purposes (which you can specify and update at any moment). Until the consent is given, certain categories of tags won’t be fired (only tags that don’t require consent will be fired). If a visitor does not consent to some or all data collection purposes, the corresponding tags will stay disabled, and you’ll stay compliant with GDPR. You can set which tags require GDPR consent and assign a consent category for all custom tags.

Collect and manage data subject requests

Collect and manage data subject requests

The data subject request widget lets visitors submit all requests required by GDPR: data erasure, rectification, access and portability. With Piwik PRO you can monitor all submitted requests, view individual visitor consent status and data subject request history from one place. Review each request and change its processing status, find out when a request has been submitted, and keep track of progress and status to make sure all are processed in a timely manner.

Get the Practical GDPR Consent Manager Guide

A Practical Guide to Acquiring Consent in the Age of GDPR

Read our exhaustive guide on collecting, managing, and storing user consents, plus learn the ways GDPR Consent Manager can help you remain privacy compliant

Explore the features of Piwik PRO Consent Manager

GDPR Consent Use cases

Consent bar

GDPR consent manager use cases

Remind your visitors to fill out the consent form by displaying a bar at the top or bottom of the page (this bar will be fired only if GDPR compliance is turned on). Upon clicking it, the visitor will see the consent form. This reminder about visitors rights regarding collection and processing of their data will be shown to visitors until they submit the form.

Check visitor’s consent and request history

Consent bar

View the history of any visitor’s consent status and data subject requests. Quickly verify the validity of any request and check if a visitor has contacted you before. Check any updates in the visitor consent history as data subject requests are saved in the GDPR Consent Manager database.

Check visitor’s consent and request history

Fully customize consent pop-ups and widgets

Set up consents and pop-up design for any single website or extend it to cover multiple websites. Add or remove additional points and boxes, insert widgets on your privacy policy page, or any custom web page you prefer.

Enable visitors to review their privacy settings

With Piwik PRO Consent Manager your visitors can consent to data collection and then withdraw their consent at any time. All it takes is one click on the Consent Settings widget to change, update or withdraw consent.

Enable visitors to review their privacy settings

Consent Manager Insights

Gather information about visitor’s consent decisions, while respecting their privacy and collecting only anonymous data. Learn whether visitors viewed the consent form, granted you full consent, any consent or made no decision (by closing the pop-up or leaving the page). Take advantage of this data to optimize your consent forms.

Explore the “Consent types breakdown” report to analyze how many visitors consented to each purpose you had on your form (including analytics, A/B testing, personalization, remarketing or any other custom purpose).

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