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Map the Customer Journey Across Web, Mobile and Secure Member Areas in a Privacy-Friendly Way

An on-premises and cloud solution guaranteeing full data ownership built for enterprises dealing with sensitive data

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With Piwik PRO Web Analytics you’ll be able to:

100% data ownership

Retain 100% data ownership for cloud & on-premises

  • Host Piwik PRO Analytics on your own infrastructure, in a dedicated private cloud, or take advantage of Piwik PRO Cloud services (with secure servers located in the US and Germany).
  • Regardless of the solution you choose, you won’t compromise data security and privacy, and you’ll remain the sole owner of your data. With Piwik PRO Cloud, your data will be hosted on a fully redundant Microsoft Azure infrastructure with 99% SLA and ISO 27001 certified data center.
Create custom reports, even for data sets with 2bln actions

Create custom reports, even for data sets with 2bln actions

  • Build custom reports and advanced charts in seconds with Piwik PRO’s simple drag and drop editor. Take advantage of that flexibility for both planned and ad hoc reporting tasks.
  • Piwik PRO is powered by ClickHouse, a column-oriented database management system, which allows us to generate data reports in real-time and process each query instantly (peak performance for a single query: over 2 terabytes per second). Learn more about Piwik PRO Custom Reports here

Get full compliance with privacy and security laws worldwide

Get full compliance with privacy and security laws worldwide

  • Adhere to the most stringent internal security policies and comply with all international privacy regulations.
  • We keep track of changes in legislation to make sure you adhere to data privacy laws including: GDPR, HIPAA, Chinese and Russian Internet Laws.
  • Respect user privacy and collect their consent or fully anonymize your data to track all the visits and stay GDPR compliant.

Precisely map the customer journeyv

Precisely map the customer journey

  • Build a holistic view of the customer journey, understand how your customers use your product and maintain their engagement across touchpoints, including in secure member areas.
  • Track activity across web and mobile with cross-device attribution. Use Piwik PRO to analyze product performance, user behavior, funnel performance, UX issues and user activity in secure member areas.

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Piwik PRO Analytics Suite allows us to gather more granular data about website visitors while having full privacy compliance. Piwik PRO’s customer success team ensures our system is fully operational and working at 100% efficiency.


With Piwik PRO web analytics tool you always get:

Truly anonymous web tracking

Truly anonymous web tracking

  • Don’t compromise user privacy or GDPR compliance with Piwik PRO data anonymization features. Collect anonymous data from users who opt out or ignore the GDPR consent banner.
  • Take advantage of Piwik PRO’s option not to store an online identifier in the cookie and get accurate reports on the collected data.

Hassle-free deployment

Piwik PRO user experience is designed towards non-technical users. Setting up events or custom dimensions can be easily configured by non-technical users without involvement of the IT department. Deploy Piwik PRO in a hassle-free way and and install it with just a single snippet of JavaScript code.

Hassle-free deployment
Tracking in secure member areas

Tracking in secure member areas

Our solution is chosen by the banking sector, healthcare institutions and other data sensitive organizations to track customer journey and users flow in secure member areas. Piwik PRO allows you to reach post-login areas Google Analytics can’t reach because of security and privacy restrictions preventing organizations from loading any JavaScript tag from a third-party servers.

Let us walk you through all the functionalities of Piwik PRO Analytics and answer all of your questions