About us

We’re AdTech and MarTech experts who created Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, a platform empowering organizations to analyze and streamline customer journeys. Our product is a perfect alternative to Google Analytics, geared towards compliance with the strictest security policies and privacy regulations around the world.

What we do

Our product

With our analytics platform you can measure, analyze and improve the user experience at each step of your customer’s relationship with your organization. We ensure data privacy and security along the way.

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Our services

We’ll walk you through implementation and onboarding, run training sessions, then provide analytics consulting to help you use our product effectively.

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Awards & recognition

We’ve been widely recognized for our company’s high-growth potential and efforts towards protecting privacy. We’re delighted to share some of the awards which reflect that recognition.

Our investors

Warsaw Equity Group

Founded by private investors and experienced entrepreneurs, Warsaw Equity Group has trusted in Piwik PRO since 2017. With 20 years of investing experience, they have funded many successful ventures in the digital space such as Artifex Mundi (gaming) and Gadu-Gadu (messenger).


Tim Schumacher

Entrepreneur and investor Tim Schumacher has been active on the digital market for the last 17 years. He has also invested in many promising startups like Piwik PRO. His main business interests are in internet & marketing technology. He co-founded Sedo.com, the world’s largest domain marketplace, and is still actively involved in many projects such as Eyeo (the creators of Adblock Plus), Ecosia, Hitfox or SaaS.group and others.

Organizations that grow with Piwik PRO

From leading businesses, governments, public institutions, and private companies to enterprises, customers trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach

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Our history

We’ve been in the advertising and marketing industry for over a decade. But Piwik PRO’s story started in September 2013 with consulting services offered for the open source Piwik platform.

In 2016, we officially went our separate ways from our open source cousin. Since then, Piwik PRO has been developing a new proprietary platform – Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

Where do we stand today? We are continually striving to make a better product and help organizations reach their goals, while always putting privacy first. We’ve also introduced a free plan for everyone in need of privacy-friendly analytics. All of that wouldn’t be possible without experts, development and business savvy leaders supported by a team of around 100 talented and dedicated people.

“Piwik PRO aims to be the number one analytics platform with privacy and security always top of mind. We work with clients who know that investing in data protection is a must, and we help them boost their business. We want organizations to thrive without putting customer information at risk.”

Piotr Korzeniowski
Chief Executive Officer
Discover how the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite can meet your organization’s needs

Find out how the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite can help you meet your business goals

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