Customer Data Platform

Consolidate Your Customer Data to Personalize Content and Improve Campaign Retargeting

Integrate first-party data to create single customer views and build advanced audiences. Activate your data through off-site and on-site retargeting with Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform.

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Build online audiences

Create a single customer view

Create a single customer view by integrating data across web analytics and other data sources, including your company’s CRM, e-commerce transactional system, offline sources and GDPR consent data. Use the collected data to build highly accurate customer profiles and map the customer journey on the most granular level.

Export audience segments to DSPs and ad platforms

Track the customer journey across web and mobile

Take advantage of cross-device attribution to capture customer touch points between different devices to understand the role of each channel and to learn essential information about the impact of each one. Build a holistic view of the customer journey and maintain customer engagement across different devices.

Create a Single Customer View (SCV)

Activate your data through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Expand your audiences with AdWords and Facebook lookalike audiences. Create personalized retargeting campaigns for users who abandoned conversion funnels or shopping carts, increasing the number of touchpoints in the customer journey. Use your lookalike audiences for even more advanced retargeting campaigns.

Data security and ownership

Activate your data through on-site retargeting & content personalization

Use your precise audiences to display personalized content on your website and run personalized on-site up- and cross-sell campaigns using intent-triggered pop-ups, notifications and offer recommendations. Personalize and deliver hand-picked offers for selected segments and groups of customers. Discover how to effectively increase conversions, average order value (AOV), and improve the overall user experience.

What our clients say about us:


We needed a robust analytics tool to be able to track how each element performs, what the overall impact of the Sleeknote tool is, how it affects an e-commerce shop, and so on. That’s where Piwik PRO came in. We have millions of sessions each month, so we had to make sure that the setup could handle that kind of load… I would most surely recommend Piwik PRO to others, not only to use it as an extension for a SaaS product, but also as a replacement for Google Analytics on a regular website, as its reporting is more extensive.

Patrick Moog
CTO & Co-Founder, Sleeknote

Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform Integrations

  • AppNexus
  • TheTradeDesk
  • adForm
  • Facebook
  • Google AdWords
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Explore the Features of Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform

Integration with Facebook Ads

Enrich user data with all accessible first-party data

Take advantage of integrating data from various sources to enrich it. Use data from web analytics and other sources such as CRMs, e-commerce transactional systems, offline sources and GDPR consent data. Take advantage of the collected data to build highly accurate profiles of your customers and research user behavior patterns on the most granular level.

Integration with Google AdWords

Precisely map the customer journey

Better understand your customers by taking advantage of visitor logs and profiles. Browse all of a user’s history from the very first touch point to the most recent action to uncover the whole customer journey. See what stage each user is at their customer’s journey and send all data on events, actions, page views, conversion etc. to a single customer view.

Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs)

Create more advanced audiences using behavioral web analytics

Segment your customer base on a granular level to learn everything you need to know about your users. Segment based on the different stages of the customer journey, on average purchase value, customer lifetime value among others.

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