Integrate data, understand customers

Get more ways to collect, import and export data about your customers. Keep customer data private and secure. Connect with other platforms, such as CRMs and business intelligence tools.

Customer Data Platform

Single customer view

Flexibly build customer profiles using data imports and data collected with the help of Analytics and Tag Manager.

Import and export data

Onboard customer data from online and offline sources. Activate audiences on ad platforms and export data through integrations and the API.

Data privacy and security

Safely collect and analyze customer data thanks to Piwik PRO’s flexible data privacy and security capabilities.

Combine multiple data sources

Online & offline data

Import and aggregate data from CRM, e-commerce platforms, offline, web forms, mobile apps and many other sources.

Sensitive data

Onboard sensitive data and have full control over where it’s stored, sent and what protection measures you apply to it.

Custom imports & integrations

Our experts are ready to carry out even the most advanced data imports and integrations, both on-site and remotely.

Build customer profiles

Single customer view

Consolidate every piece of information to develop customer profiles. Get an overview of the individual and collective characteristics and behaviors of your clients.

Customer journey mapping

See how users move through stages of their relationship with your organization. Map and measure their interactions across multiple channels and devices.

Defining audiences

Leverage customer data to build detailed audiences. Use them to create triggers, custom content or access them through API.

Customer Data Platform - Single Customer View

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Leverage your data

Custom audiences

Create precise and effective target groups. Go beyond standard segments with attributes from your CRMs, offline and many other custom data sources.

Exporting audiences

Fuel other parts of your marketing stack with audiences created in the CDP. Use them in your email marketing platform or Facebook Ads.

Custom integrations

Our team will help you plug CDP data into any ad network, DSP, marketing automation or personalization tool of your choice.

Customer Data Platform - Audiences

Professional services & customer care

From implementation and onboarding, through product training, to analytics consulting and custom integrations – we provide a personal approach on every step of your journey with Piwik PRO.

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Free comparison of 7 enterprise-ready customer data platforms

Get to know 37 key differences to determine which platform fits your business needs best: Tealium, BlueVenn, Exponea, mapp, Segment, mParticle or Piwik PRO.


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