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Companies from a range of industries like finance, government, banking, insurance and healthcare turn to our Analytics Suite. They work with Piwik PRO as a professional partner to monitor and optimize their customers’ journey while meeting high privacy and security standards.







“We empower companies to gather and use data effectively while keeping security and privacy top-of-mind. Piwik PRO serves over 200 customers in almost 40 countries across the globe, helping organizations from a range of industries to drive their businesses.”

Mateusz Krempa
Chief Revenue Officer at Piwik PRO

What our clients say about us

XS4ALL, the oldest internet service providers in the Netherlands, puts their customers’ security and privacy first with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

"We had a lot of support from Piwik PRO’s customer success team. One big difference to what we had with Adobe is that we didn’t have personal contact with a helpdesk employee. With Piwik PRO we’re experiencing this high-touch, personal service. It fits us more because it’s the kind of service that we aim to deliver to our customers as well. With Piwik PRO it feels more like home."

Yerzy Benistant

Digital Analyst at XS4ALL

SVC, operator of an electronic administration platform for the Austrian social security system, achieved a 12.8% increase in service quality with data-based optimization of the user experience.

"Our core goal is to optimize and increase the user experience based on data. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite combines all the necessary features to achieve this goal. From the analysis and evaluation of channels to target group segmentation and planning of suitable content, we now have a solution with which we can implement everything."

Gerold Brauchart

eSV Project Management at SVC

Greiner AG uses Piwik PRO SharePoint Analytics to see important details of how employees use the intranet, details they couldn't get with built-in SharePoint Analytics.

"Thanks to Piwik PRO Intranet Analytics we can manage our internal content more effectively and find areas that need improvement. It helps us identify the most engaged employees, so we can make the most of their potential and show appropriate recognition for their actions. We’re very satisfied with the product and our cooperation with Piwik PRO."

Philipp Kirchmeir

IT Applicaiton Consultant at Greiner AG

Marketing agency found Piwik PRO to be the perfect alternative to both Google Analytics and Matomo

"The main reason we switched to Piwik PRO was having everything managed by someone, not having to take care of the open source thing ourselves. Previously we had a lot of issues, which was stressful because sometimes we wanted to access our data and it wasn’t working, and it took up to a week to get things back on track. We don’t have to worry about that now and it saves us a lot of time and resources."

Ingo Haupt

CEO at Three Palms Media

The Austrian Social Science Data Archive (AUSSDA) uses Piwik PRO Analytics Suite on their website to support growth and achieve GDPR compliance.

"For us as a relatively new institution, it is important to increase our visibility within the community. With Piwik PRO, we monitor the effectiveness of our marketing channels, so we can optimize our communication strategy and verify that we are using our energy for the right approach."

Dr. Lars Kaczmirek

Head of AUSSDA

Industrial lines insurer HDI Global SE uses Piwik PRO to optimize their marketing spend

"It’s important for us to find out where our potential customers are looking for insurance information. With Piwik PRO, we can accurately track the source of our conversions and invest our budget in the right online channels."

Thomas Quast

Online Strategy Specialist at HDI Global SE

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