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Companies from industries like finance, government, banking, ecommerce, insurance and healthcare turn to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite as the modern analytics platform of choice. They work with Piwik PRO as a professional partner to collect, analyze and activate valuable business insights while meeting the highest privacy and security standards.







“Piwik PRO has grown extensively, currently serving over 650 clients in 40 countries around the globe. We offer a flexible analytics suite that satisfies the needs of both marketers and analysts. Our product empowers companies to gather and use data effectively. We support organizations collecting all types of sensitive data, helping them draw valuable insights and reach their business goals while fully respecting user privacy.”

Mateusz Krempa
Chief Operating Officer at Piwik PRO

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The Government of the Netherlands uses Piwik PRO to provide citizens with a range of information in the most efficient and reader-friendly way. It was crucial for them to have an analytics solution that citizens can trust.

"Thanks to Piwik PRO and its privacy-oriented features, we’re able to really anonymize the visits-level information. If I were to say what governments look for in an analytics platform, first and foremost it would be a solution that can be trusted by citizens. Only then come factors like usability, cost, support and a community of users. We’re sure that our data is stored safely and is only used for online analytics purposes."

Martijn Warmoeskerken

Senior Communication Research Advisor
Public Information and Communications Service of the Government of the Netherlands

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ICTRecht, a seasoned legal service provider specializing in digital information privacy and security, finds a privacy-focused analytics partner and valuable marketing insights in Piwik PRO.

"Piwik PRO has helped us ensure our marketing setup is GDPR compliant. Their guidance and assistance in removing insecure third-party integrations was crucial. With their help, we confidently navigated the complexities, ensuring every aspect met privacy standards."

Emke de Vries

Online Marketer at ICTRecht

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Shopping24, which is part of a leading global platform for commerce advertising, optimizes its website’s performance with Piwik PRO.

"Piwik PRO provided us with the best offer regarding flexibility, pricing, and support. You can buy software on a relatively tight budget, but then nobody helps you. It was the overall package that convinced us."

Sebastian Stach

Web Development Team Lead at Shopping24 Commerce Network

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The Anne Frank House uses Piwik PRO to improve the visitor experience and make information more accessible.

"Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is a kind of monitor, showing us if things work how we want them to work. For us it‘s especially important to see which sections of the museum’s website people visit – this gives us an overview of visitor behavior and with this information, we know what to work on to support the museum’s educational role."

Gerrit Netten

Project Manager Digital Projects at Anne Frank House

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Bank Ochrony Środowiska (BOŚ), one of Poland’s 20 largest banks, optimizes its business, product and marketing strategies with insights gathered through Piwik PRO.

"Thanks to Piwik PRO, our team views web analytics as one of the decisive components of our strategy. I would especially recommend Piwik PRO to large organizations that rely on reaching their current and future customers through online channels, whether through marketing activities, direct sales, or other ways. We can confidently say that Piwik PRO offers a powerful tool that gives us the most effective ways to manage data, distribute it throughout the organization and make sure all valuable insights are being applied."

Maja Kosobucka

User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

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Sana Commerce, a B2B ecommerce platform provider, used Piwik PRO to create a powerful ecommerce analytics that helps their customers in web store optimization.

"Our partnership with Piwik PRO has enabled us to accelerate the growth of Sana Commerce Insights by allowing us to focus on building the best analytics solution for our customers without having to worry about our data infrastructure."

Michiel Schipperus

CEO at Sana Commerce

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ŠKODA AUTO, a Czech automobile manufacturer that sells cars in over 100 countries, uses Piwik PRO Analytics to better inform their employees about payrolls, sick leave policy and other workplace-related topics, and improve engagement.

"First of all, we needed an analytics provider that allows us to securely store select data in a cloud. Due to company policies, we’re not allowed to store certain sensitive data in a public cloud. Secondly, as SAP Fiori Applications owner, I needed solid numbers to see which apps are used the most, measure if the response rate is good and when peak times occur for our visitors."

Petr Křivský

SAP Technology Application Engineer at ŠKODA AUTO

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DKMS, an international non-profit organization fighting against blood cancer, optimizes online campaigns and donor registration funnels with GDPR-compliant analytics.

"We had a lot of support from Piwik PRO. They were very helpful during the set-up process and very proactive in finding solutions for us, which was very valuable at this stage. It’s a good sign that since our implementation was done, we’ve barely needed to use the customer support anymore."

Kay Beutling

Digital Project Manager at DKMS

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HDI Global SE, an industrial lines insurer, makes investments for relevant touchpoints through detailed analysis and effective audience targeting.

"It’s important for us to find out where our potential customers are looking for insurance information. With Piwik PRO, we can accurately track the source of our conversions and invest our budget in the right online channels."

Thomas Quast

Online Strategy Specialist at HDI Global SE

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