Piwik PRO Designed for Businesses and Governments

Learn how Piwik PRO Analytics Suite can meet the needs and requirements of different industries guaranteeing full data control and compliance with privacy laws.

Product Teams

Piwik PRO helps product teams to learn how clients Interact with digital products in a privacy friendly way. Identify opportunities for product improvements, detect usage patterns and uncover user pain points

Finance & Banking

Financial institutions require extremely reliable and secure analytics and marketing solutions. See how Piwik PRO can help address the needs and demands of the industry.


Collecting data in a secure manner and remaining compliant with privacy regulations is a priority for governments. See how Piwik PRO can help them maintain data security and comply privacy laws.

Retail & E-Commerce

Precise insights about visitors are indispensable for the e-commerce and retail businesses. See how Piwik PRO can help them attract more customers and stay competitive on the market.


Marketing Suite allowing you to take great care in both serving your patients and processing their data the right way. See how Piwik PRO can benefit healthcare businesses.

Media Agencies

A Marketing Suite for Media Agencies Requiring Full Compliance With International Data Privacy Laws, Including GDPR and HIPAA.