Get more data from more sources – switch from Google Analytics

Keep key features and concepts of Universal Analytics. Get better data privacy and analytics flexibility: consent, data control, personal data, post-login areas and more.

How Piwik PRO outperforms Google Analytics (free & 360)

Privacy and security compliance

Collect data with full respect for privacy and security laws, including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA. Make compliance easier with an integrated consent and data request manager.

More data about your audience

Get up to 70% more data without violating user privacy. Use software that ad blockers don’t stop and that lets you collect session-level data on visitors who decline or ignore your consent request.

Full control over data and its residency

Store data on safe cloud servers in the EU. Upgrade to the Enterprise plan and choose between 5 public cloud and 60+ private cloud locations (including an EU-owned data center in Sweden) or your servers. Remain in control of the data in every case.

The complete customer journey

With all privacy measures in place, analyze user behavior on websites, apps, SPAs and even secure post-login areas. No more stitching together data across sessions and platforms.

Unsampled and raw data

Work with a full set of data about your visitors, not just a sample. Use analytics data in more contexts thanks to integrations with BI tools and raw data access.

High-touch customer care*

Get help from a dedicated account manager and technical team: personalized onboarding, product implementation, training and extra professional services for custom add-ons.

* Available in the Piwik PRO Enterprise plan.

Google Analytics Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Get up and running fast after the switch

Easy implementation

Implement our platform with a single tracking tag. Then, configure your data collection using a tag manager set up similarly to Google Tag Manager (use your existing tags and data layer).

Free plan & flexible pricing tiers

Use the Core plan for free or upgrade to the custom Enterprise plan. Your price is adjusted to the traffic, hosting preferences and level of customer care you require.

Familiar environment

No need to learn from scratch. Use an analytics platform based on the same analytics concepts and with a similar UI to Google Analytics.

Safe integration with Google Ads and Search Console

Access reports from Google Ads and Google Search Console without sharing your data with the Google ecosystem.

User-friendly custom reports and dashboards

Create custom reports and dashboards out of any possible set of dimensions and metrics with a modern drag-and-drop editor.

Support through the migration

Count on our help with setting up reports and dashboards. On request, we even import your Google Analytics setup.

Get the benefits of Piwik PRO without losing any important features

Piwik PRO offers all the key functionalities of Google Analytics such as event tracking, session metrics and custom dimensions. See what else you can do with Piwik PRO:

Piwik PRO Core (free) Piwik PRO Enterprise Google Analytics 3 Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics 360 Google Analytics 4 360
Calculated metrics
Advanced funnels
User flow reports
Custom reports
Intuitive drag-and-drop report editor
Multi-channel attribution
Meta sites
Full integration with Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio, Google Sheets
Raw data access
Integrated consent manager
Integrated tag manager
Native integration with customer data platform
Dedicated account management and support
Read detailed comparisons between Piwik PRO and Google Analytics (free and 360), Matomo and Adobe.

What our customers say about us

“The main reason we switched to Piwik PRO was having everything managed by someone, not having to take care of the open source thing ourselves. The second most important thing, apart from the technical support, was having the peace of mind that we’re in good hands. We could contact the Piwik PRO team whenever there was something we weren’t sure of and we always got quick responses”.

Ingo Haupt
CEO of Three Palms Media

“Piwik PRO was suggested to us by another company. They told us that it’s a stable solution and it’s possible to track detailed user paths. We used Google Analytics free in the past and we couldn’t track detailed data on the user-level, just on the domain-level. If we didn’t have Piwik PRO, we could only guess at the effect of enhancements we make”.

Lucky Ng
Product Analyst at Inplay Matrix

“SimpleSite was getting around 200,000 sessions and events per day. With this amount of traffic, Google Analytics was sampling our datasets – that was a problematic issue. Piwik PRO support was very helpful during the implementation. They quickly and precisely answered all SimpleSite’s team questions”.

Joey Maagaard King
Digital Analytics Specialist at SimpleSite

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How long does it take to switch from GA to Piwik PRO?

The similarities between the UIs of Google Analytics and Piwik PRO, data layer compatibility, dedicated support, training (Enterprise) and detailed onboarding materials (Core) make the transition as easy as possible. In most cases the whole process takes around 4 weeks.

How will I know how to set everything up in Piwik PRO to track my website?

In the Enterprise plan, our technical team will make sure that your Piwik PRO instance is up and running, and ready to collect data about your visitors. In case of any questions, you can also contact your dedicated account manager and review detailed help center articles. The Piwik PRO Core plan users can take advantage of the detailed help center documentation or our community forum.

What are the monthly hit limits of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 and Piwik PRO?

The hit limit of free Google Analytics 3 is 10M, while in Google Analytics 4 and 4 360 there are no limits. With Piwik PRO Core, it’s 500K. In Google Analytics 360 and Piwik PRO Enterprise, the limit exceeds 500M. Google Analytics 360 turns on data sampling in advanced reports after 10M hits. Google Analytics 4 employs data sampling after 100M hits, while Google Analytics 4 360 – after 1B hits. With Piwik PRO, you’ll work on 100% of your data.

What are the differences between pricing tiers of Google Analytics and Piwik PRO?

With Google Analytics, you can take advantage of a free product version or upgrade to Google Analytics 360 for a price that in most cases starts at $150K. Piwik PRO gives you the free Core plan and more flexible pricing tiers, offering better value for your money. To get a quote, visit our pricing page.

How does Piwik PRO collect and process data differently than Google Analytics? Why does this approach make it easier for us to comply with data regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA?

Google Analytics hosts your data across different server locations and uses it to improve other products such as Google Ads. With Piwik PRO, you store your data in a data center of your choosing or on your own servers. You choose when and how to share data, if you do so at all. The Core plan is currently limited to cloud hosting in Germany. The Enterprise plan offers cloud hosting and private cloud hosting all over the world as well as the option to self host. Piwik PRO also supports your compliance with GDPR and CCPA by providing you with a dedicated consent and data request manager. Read more here: Is Google Analytics GDPR-compliant?

How does Piwik PRO track website statistics without collecting personal data?

Piwik PRO offers three methods for gathering non-personal data:

  1. Anonymous tracking with cookies and session data – collects session statistics without using any user identifiers. This method can be used as an alternative to opt-in tracking, when a visitor ignores or declines your consent request.
  2. Anonymous tracking without cookies, but with session data – collects session statistics using a fingerprint derivative without identifying users. This method can be also used as an alternative to opt-in tracking, when a visitor ignores or declines your consent request.
  3. Anonymous tracking without cookies or session data – collects event statistics without using any visitor or session identifiers

All three methods are optional and serve as a great alternative to standard opt-in only tracking. For more information read this article.

How does Piwik PRO allow you to connect the data from marketing pages, applications and post-login areas to recreate the full customer journey?

Piwik PRO gives you total control over your data as well as the instruments necessary to ensure its privacy and security. As a result, you’re able to safely collect unique user identifiers (e.g. email addresses) and sensitive data from post-login areas of your websites and apps (e.g. e-healthcare platforms or transactional pages). This allows you to recognize visitors across sessions and touchpoints to recreate their full journey. Read more about it here.