Partner with Piwik PRO

Join Piwik PRO’s partner program. Deliver your customers a 100% privacy-compliant analytics platform and get immediate access to a wide range of benefits.

Build a prospective partnership

Promoting Piwik PRO Analytics Suite among your potential audience can help you drive additional revenue, increase brand recognition, and acquire new customers. You’ll earn a commission for every closed sale.

Differentiate from competitors

We help your company gain a competitive advantage with a platform combining advanced analytics and data privacy. As our partner, you get technical support, early information about new product updates and features, and more.

Expand business opportunities

Enhance your services with the insights provided by our platform. You can easily integrate our product with the rest of your stack to bring additional value to your customers.

“In all of Europe, Piwik PRO is the number one company chosen by governments and financial institutions to help them achieve GDPR compliance. This is why we decided to entrust our clients from the retail, marketing and media industry with Piwik PRO as well.”

Youri van der Mijn
Chief Data Officer at Candid

Program benefits

Join the Piwik PRO Partner Program for a wide range of benefits, from dedicated support to co-marketing and co-selling opportunities

Co-marketing opportunities

We believe in creating win-win opportunities for both parties. That’s why we’re open to working with you on joint marketing activities, campaigns, lead generation, trade shows and webinars.

New leads possibilities

Your logo, website and company’s description can be listed in Piwik PRO’s Partner Directory for prospective customers to find you.

Co-selling opportunities

Drive your revenue, extend your reach and acquire new customers by including Piwik PRO Analytics Suite as a part of your offer.

Partner training

We’ll introduce you to the company and our platform with Piwik PRO Academy, sales materials, technical documentation and slide decks updated regularly.

Clients engagement

Stay on top of your end-customer billing and business needs. Improve client retention by offering product discounts and complimentary services.

Regular feedback

Our cooperation will be regularly evaluated so we can improve our product, partner program and your experience, as well as enhance our future collaboration.

Dedicated partner manager

A dedicated partner manager will help you successfully onboard your customers. Whenever you need resources or advice on our platform, we’ll be there to support you.

Attractive reseller discounts

Increase your company’s profits by reselling a high-margin product to your customers.


Earn commission for every new referral that leads to a closed contract within 2 years of your referral’s introduction.

We partner with best-in-class agencies that understand both digital analytics and privacy requirements. Thanks to this cooperation, we ensure that Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is brought to its full potential when delivering valuable business insights. All this while remaining privacy-friendly.

Piotr Korzeniowski
Chief Executive Officer at Piwik PRO

Interested in joining Piwik PRO Partner Program? Contact us to learn more about the requirements.