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Free Comparison of Four Enterprise-Ready Customer Data Platforms

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Published May 15, 2018 · Updated March 19, 2020

Free Comparison of Four Enterprise-Ready Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms, a vital technology in the smart marketing stack, lets you connect sources of fragmented user data and stitch them together into a single customer view.

Whether it’s campaign automation, mapping the cross-channel customer journey, data analysis, or online advertising, the platform supports them all. CDPs allow marketers to generate a better customer experience driven by precise information on user behaviors across every touchpoint.

What’s more, by using CDPs marketing teams can eliminate issues with data silos and manage tasks independently, without IT specialists. And perhaps most importantly, this technology is great for marketers seeking GDPR compliance because it’s fuelled by first-party data. As for other reasons, we’ll dwell on them further in our post.

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If you’re mulling over the choice of a CDP and looking for guidance, then you’re in the right place. Below we’ve prepared a thorough comparison of four customer data platforms to highlight the distinctions among vendors. This info is addressed to marketers, advertisers, and other professionals within the digital marketing ecosystem struggling to find the tool which best suits their business requirements.

A customer data platform is a relatively new concept. The software’s features and functionalities are still maturing, and in fact are evolving quite rapidly. In order to find the right solution, marketers and advertisers need to understand their business needs and expectations.

That’s why we’ve conducted extensive research to focus on the features and capabilities most important for different industries, from banking to e-commerce. We have discovered numerous vital differences in customer data platforms that you must understand when making your decision. We want to share our results with you to help you make an informed choice.

Customer Data Platform Vendor overview

As you make up your mind about a particular CDP, you gather all sorts of bits and pieces about its features, capabilities, and the issues you expect the technology to solve. Your focal point is the tool itself. However, a little peek at the backgrounds of vendors is a good place to start. Let’s introduce the players in our comparison:

Piwik PRO emphasizes adherence to the strictest privacy standards on both sides of the Atlantic. Incorporated in 2013, Piwik PRO is a portfolio company of custom AdTech software house Clearcode.
Tealium’s primary focus is marketing software and tag management systems. Its AudienceStream is a customer data platform offering useable audience management. It provides data enrichment capabilities that help to create unified user profiles and automate actions across all channels.
Ensighten is a global CDP and tag management technology vendor. The company markets a patented customer data platform with an enterprise tag management system for omni-channel personalization and mobile app experience optimization.
BlueVenn is well-known for its customer data platform and products for marketing automation. They specialize in omni-channel marketing solutions, real-time website & email personalization, modeling, and segmentation.

Get the gist of the comparison

Now that you’ve met the Customer Data Platform vendors, it’s time to let us guide you through all the different issues we’ve covered in our white paper. We’ve highlighted key differences concerning essential functionalities and qualities.

First of all, we looked at data connectivity and integration. It’s vital for your marketing strategy that the software allows you to unify and match data from numerous sources. You should be able to use your stack to its full potential and get the whole view of your customer journey, across all platforms and channels, and react at the points of highest importance.

We’ve also examined possibilities for merging user profiles over all channels, devices, and business partners. Moreover, a CDP should enable you to continuously update and easily access these profiles for various advertising campaigns.

While comparing CDPs we’ve also taken into account hosting options. Every organization has different needs and demands so you should have a choice of the most suitable infrastructure, whether it’s your own or a dedicated private cloud. On top of that, we’ve evaluated these solutions in terms of data security and privacy obligations to check if you will be able to maintain 100% data ownership.

As we’ve touched on the subject of data security, we can’t overlook the legal landscape of storing and processing data. For that reason we’ve checked if Customer Data Platform vendors adhere to international privacy legislation: GDPR and HIPAA. Customer data is in your hands and your company should rely on a vendor that ensures full compliance with such regulations.

If you’re wondering whether a CDP lets you enrich your data, we’ve covered this too. We’ve analyzed importing data from various kinds of sources, CRMs, offline sources, warehouses, and exchanging data with your business partners. You need to be able to use either an internal or external database for these purposes.

Our research has also considered if vendors offer you access to raw and historical data, to ensure precision in your reports and your strategy. Why should leveraging historical data be of importance to you? Because it’s an essential element in making fact-based forecasts of future trends and performance.

Want more details? Download our Free Comparison of Four Enterprise-Ready Customer Data Platforms. Read about the key differences between Tealium, Ensighten, BlueVenn, and Piwik PRO to find out which vendor can help you meet your business’s goals.
Download Customer Data Platform Comparison


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