Piwik PRO Pricing Guide

Build your solution

Design your ideal configuration and we’ll adjust the pricing plan accordingly. You can pick the products and features that best fit your needs. Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you with the complete plan.

Step 1

Which products do you need?


Explore the customer journey on web and mobile, with secure, privacy-compliant analytics tools.

Tag Manager

Quickly deploy, modify and manage tags across all your sites and apps with minimal technical expertise.

Custom Reports

Get answers to analytics questions with custom tables and charts created with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

GDPR Consent Manager

Collect user consents for specific data processing purposes, handle consent changes and related requests.

Customer Data Platform

Integrate first-party data from various sources to create detailed audiences and map the customer journey across channels.

On-site Retargeting

Create tailored content to enhance your customers’ experience using segmented behavioral data.

Step 2

What is your hosting preference?

On-Premises or Private Cloud

  • Your own infrastructure
  • Private Cloud or single- and multi-server setups available on cloud Infrastructures in the country of your choice


  • ISO 27001 Certified data center
  • Fully-redundant infrastructure with 99% uptime SLA
  • Microsoft Azure GDPR-compliant cloud infrastructure, hosted in the location of your choice:
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • USA

Step 3

Determine your traffic volume

Only pay for the traffic volume you need. Select the estimated traffic and we’ll adjust your pricing plan accordingly*.


< 10M < 50M < 250M < 500M 500M+ Custom Plan


< 10M < 15M < 25M < 50M < 75M < 100M 100M+ Custom Plan

Private Cloud

< 50M < 75M < 100M < 150M < 200M < 250M < 250M+ Custom Plan

*There are more traffic volume plans available, get in contact with us for all the details.

Action: any activity registered by your analytics platform, e.g. a visit, page view, download or an event. If you need help with estimating the number of actions for the pricing, take a look at this article.

Step 4

Choose the level of SLA you need

We want to make sure your software performs consistently and you can manage and monitor your resources. We offer you flexible Service Level Agreements setting the standards of provided services that meet the particular requirements of your organization. Whatever option you choose, we let you manage and monitor all assets and resources. You get guaranteed support so that all critical issues, uptime and incidents are under control.

On-Premises or Private Cloud

Silver* Gold Platinum
Critical issues 1 Day (Mon-Fri) 16 Hours (24/7) 8 Hours (24/7)
24/7 monitoring & incident handling
Private Cloud infrastructure uptime guarantee 99% 99% 99%

*Silver SLAs are provided by default with all On-Premises plans. Gold and Platinum SLAs are available with an upgrade.


Uptime guarantee 99%
Critical issues 1 Day (Mon-Fri)
24/7 monitoring & incident handling

Step 5

Extend your experience with additional services

Services included (by default)

User onboarding

We will provide your users with a comprehensive training covering Piwik PRO features. Our Customer Success team will gather your business requirements to help you implement your first goals, funnels, custom variables, tags, etc.

Software updates

Update Piwik PRO to the most recent and stable version at the most convenient time possible. All critical security fixes will be deployed outside of the release schedule.

Server maintenance

You can be certain that you get support and advice on installing updates, reviewing servers’ performance. We also help you to identify potential security risks and conduct backup protocols regularly.

User support

We will provide your users with informative support and find answers concerning data, reports, functionalities and the user interface.

Technical support

Your webmasters and developers will receive support on implementing Piwik PRO into your website or application. We will assist them with using PPAS APIs, and directly accessing the raw visitor data.

User training

During trainings we cover all aspects of the Piwik PRO interface, working with data, settings, and advanced data reporting so you users will gain essential knowledge and capabilities to effectively operate the Piwik PRO platform.

Services available as upgrade


You can decide where to deploy Piwik PRO, on your own infrastructure, in a private cloud, at a third-party data center or on our secure servers located in US and EU (Germany & Netherlands).

Custom training

All training sessions are tailored to your needs. Before the training we will talk to you about your expectations so we’ll be able to personalize and customize the training session so it meets all your requirements.


Piwik PRO can be customized and extended to match your business needs and requirements. With the help of our team you can develop applications, integrations and plugins.

Data migration

Our team will help import your historical Matomo (Piwik) data into your Piwik PRO instance.

Onsite consulting

Our consultant will come to your premises to help you set up the platform, provide user training, or resolve any technical issues.

Staging enviroments

Additional licenses to cover non-production environments, such as testing, development, quality assurance, etc


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