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Core planFREE


  • 3 modules: Analytics, Tag Manager & Consent Manager
  • 500,000 monthly actions for free – Up to 5M actions available as paid add-ons
  • 14-month data retention
  • Cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure in Germany
  • Support of our community forum with 1000 users
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Enterprise plan


  • Up to 4 modules: Analytics, Tag Manager, Consent Manager & Customer Data Platform
  • Tiers from 2M to 4B monthly actions
  • Data retention starting from 25 months
  • Cloud or private cloud hosting in numerous data centers around the world, including EU-owned servers
  • Dedicated technical support, implementation & onboarding

Starting from

€10,995 /year

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What you’ll get with Piwik PRO

100% data control and high-level security features

Built-in and custom reports for marketers and analysts

Integration and customization capabilities

Unlimited access to raw and unsampled data

Full customer journey analytics

Privacy compliance with the tick-of-a-box

Plan comparison

Piwik PRO Core Piwik PRO Enterprise
Available modules Analytics, Tag Manager, Consent Manager Analytics, Tag Manager, Consent Manager, Customer Data Platform
Monthly action limit 0.5M free / up to 5M paid 2M - 4B
Data collection & processing
Number of sites or apps 10 Unlimited
Access to raw data Full access to raw data through API Full access to raw data through API, BigQuery & CSV
No data sampling by default
Data retention 14 months 25 months or more
Data freshness 30 minutes 30 minutes
Public cloud
Private cloud
Privacy & security
Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and more
Compliance with HIPAA 6-month trial
100% data control
SOC 2- and ISO 27001-certified organization and data centers
Data anonymization
Data analysis & reporting
Number of scheduled reports & alerts 10 Unlimited
Ecommerce tracking
Customer journey analytics
Product analytics
Custom reports & dashboards
Web API & mobile SDKs
Integrations with Google Ads and Search Console
Integrations with CMS
Integrations with data visualization & BI tools (such as Looker Studio and Power BI)
Integrations with data storage & cloud tools (such as BigQuery)
Integrations with consent management platforms
Integrations with A/B testing tools
Community forum
Personalized implementation & onboarding
Account management and support
Ability to review and negotiate contract terms

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How are actions counted in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite?

Actions in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite include visitors (or users of your product or app) doing something that is tracked, as well as background tasks performed by the platform.

The most common examples of actions are the following:

  • Page view: a visitor visits a page
  • Download: a visitor downloads a file
  • Outlink: a visitor clicks the link to an external website
  • Search: a visitor uses your internal search engine
  • Custom event: a visitor performs a custom event
  • Goal: a visitor completes a goal
  • Loading a tag manager container
  • Loading a consent manager window
  • Uploading a line item
  • Sending an API request
Find out more about how to calculate your number of actions.

What happens if I exceed the free 500,000 limit of monthly actions on the Piwik PRO Core plan?

If you approach the free action limit of the Core plan, you’ll have three options:

  • Send fewer hits to your instance (e.g. unplug some domains or track fewer events).
  • Increase your monthly action limit to up to 5M by choosing one of the paid action tiers.
  • Upgrade to the Piwik PRO Enterprise plan.

How is the price of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite calculated for the Enterprise plan?

The price of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite depends on many factors, including:

  • The number of modules
  • Your monthly limit of actions
  • Your preferred hosting option (for example, private cloud and on-premises are more expensive than public cloud)
  • Your chosen SLA package
Contact us to get a quote for your Enterprise setup.

I have bought extra actions for Piwik PRO Core. How can I manage or cancel my subscription?

You can cancel or modify your subscription at paddle.net, our official payment system provider’s website. Verify your email address and follow the instructions provided by the platform. Once your subscription is canceled or modified, you’ll receive a confirmation from Paddle on our behalf. Note that all annual and monthly subscriptions renew automatically. To change your monthly subscription to an annual one (or the other way around), contact us.

Can I buy standalone Analytics, Consent Manager, Customer Data Platform or Tag Manager?

Modules of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite are sold in the following sets:

  • Analytics + Tag Manager + Consent Manager
  • Analytics + Tag Manager + Consent Manager + Customer Data Platform
As each module is an integrated part of the suite, you can’t buy them separately.

Are there any Piwik PRO representatives in my country/region?

Most likely – yes. Even if we don’t have an office in your region, we may have nearby business partners who can support you at each step of your journey with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. To get more information, check our partner directory.

Does Piwik PRO sign a business associate agreement (BAA)?

Piwik PRO signs a BAA in the Enterprise plan, making it a suitable option for organizations that must comply with HIPAA. Check out how Piwik PRO keeps you aligned with HIPAA. We also offer a 6-month trial of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite covered by a BAA for Core users..

What security measures does Piwik PRO employ?

Piwik PRO’s security features include:

  • ISO 27001 certification
  • SOC 2 type II certification
  • Regular external security audits
  • Ability to create granular access permission levels
  • Guaranteed uptime with 99% SLA
  • Application security
  • Secure hosting options
and many more. Read more about our privacy and security standards.