The Only Enterprise-Level Tag Manager That Guarantees Data Security & Privacy

Efficiently deploy, modify and manage tags across all your sites and applications–IT expertise not required.

Enterprise-Level Tag Manager: Diagram

With Piwik PRO Tag Manager you’ll be able to:

100% data ownership: cloud & on-premises

Retain 100% data ownership for cloud & on-premises

  • Deploy Piwik PRO on your own infrastructure, in a third-party data center or on our secure servers located in the US and EU (Germany).
  • Regardless of the solution you choose, you won’t compromise data security or privacy, and you’ll remain the sole owner of your data.
  • Take advantage of hassle-free deployment and work in the most security and privacy sensitive environments.
Advanced security measures

Implement advanced security measures

  • Create multiple user profiles with different permission levels and implement your preferred SSO authentication (including SAML & LDAP).
  • Limit access to specific tags and containers, assign roles for different Tag Manager users, and apply additional rules to passwords.
  • Adjust the minimum length, password complexity, validity period and other parameters to improve your organization’s existing practices.
Privacy compliant

Enhance privacy for all your tags

  • Take advantage of Piwik PRO privacy features to make sure you always adhere to strict privacy laws. Enforce Do Not Track (DNT) and Opt-out features for each deployed tag.
  • Make sure tags are privacy-compliant regardless of the tool they come from–add privacy protections to every container with a simple click.

Explore a vast library of marketing tags, triggers & variables

  • Start managing your tags right away. Deploy all the most popular marketing tags including custom Piwik (Matomo) tags with ease.
  • Fire custom JavaScript tags or pixels and pass visitor data from Tag Manager variables.
  • Fire your tags on specific pages or on desired actions, such as form submissions, page scroll, user-leaving content, time spent on website, button clicks and many others.

Check how Piwik PRO compares to other vendors:

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Get to know the 40 key differences between Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Segment, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Ensighten & Piwik PRO.

Open Xchange

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite allows us to gather more granular data about website visitors while having full privacy compliance. Piwik PRO’s customer success team ensures our system is fully operational and working at 100% efficiency.


Advantages of Piwik PRO Tag Manager:

Test & debug tags before deployment

Deploy & manage events in a hassle-free way

Use a combination of Piwik PRO Analytics and Tag Manager to implement, manage and modify events using a single panel. Effortlessly deploy custom events with minimal technical expertise of choose one of hundreds Piwik PRO event templates. Manage them in a hassle-free way for your websites, apps, digital products and secure member areas.

Utilize custom tags & triggers

Don’t limit yourself to Piwik PRO Tag Manager’s built-in template library and implement any trigger or tag desired, including custom scripts and tools you have written yourself. Take advantage of custom asynchronous and synchronous tags to minimize page load times and use them for A/B testing. Use Piwik PRO’s HTML editor to easily create and edit tracking pixels for whatever set-up you need.

Increase you marketing agility with a friendly UI
Improve your page load speed

Test & debug tags before deployment

Test and verify your tags on desktop and mobile in a controlled environment before they go live. Use the preview mode to fix any bugs and deploy exactly the tags you need. See historical changes of your deployed tags and test how different scripts will perform before deploying them. Enable non-technical users to actively manage their marketing tools, tracking tags and pixels.

Find out how Piwik PRO Tag Manager can help you deploy, modify and manage tags across all your websites quickly and efficiently