Piwik PRO vs. Matomo: 130+ features that make all the difference

Wondering how Piwik PRO fares against Matomo? Have a look at the key features of the products to find out which one better suits your needs:

Matomo Community Matomo Cloud Piwik PRO
Tag manager
Customer data platform (CDP)
Consent & data request manager
Hosting options
Private cloud
No data sampling by default
Data sampling by request (allowing to process 1B+ actions / month)
Advanced product analytics
Mobile analytics
Custom attribution models
Conversion paths reports with custom channel grouping
Custom attribution reports
Time to conversion report
Path length report
Attribution model comparison tool paid plugin
Custom channel grouping
Campaign reporting
Metasites paid plugin
Advanced segmentation
E-commerce analytics
User-centric reporting
Event tracking
Goal tracking
Content tracking
Custom dimensions 100 30 25 for each scope by default, more on request
Website performance metrics 1 1 8
Single-page application (SPA) tracking
Unique visitor metric available for different reports & time ranges
Number of websites unlimited 30 unlimited
Number of segments unlimited 100 unlimited
Access to raw data
Calculated metrics
Analytics – reporting speed & agility
Database management system obsolete / MySQL obsolete / MySQL modern / ClickHouse
Data processing preprocessing required preprocessing required on the fly
Generating reports based on high traffic volume 2 hours or more 2 hours or more on the fly
Data retention customizable 6-24 months 25 months or more, depending on your contract (cloud) or infastructure (on-premises)
Analytics – flexibility of standard & custom reports
Funnel analytics paid plugin /
User flow paid plugin /
Line chart
Bar chart
Flat table
Custom dashboards
Custom reports paid plugin /
Ability to customize any default report
Ability to create custom visualization
Custom filters & segments for each report, dashboard & widget
Custom metrics & dimensions for each report
Custom data grouping
Advanced drag & drop editor
Analytics – integrations
Data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, BigQuery)
Google Search Console
Google Ads
Analytics – data anonymization
Anonymization techniques
Linking personal & anonymous data about visitors who provide consent later in a session
SharePoint analytics
Standard traffic reporting (pages, search, documents)
Dedicated reports for SharePoint
SharePoint social & newsfeed interactions
SharePoint document libraries tracking
Capturing custom SharePoint interactions
SharePoint integration installation manual manual fully automated
SharePoint integration options JS tag only JS tag only APP, WSP or JS tag
Tag Manager
Tag template library
Custom tags
Custom pop-ups
Content personalization (banners, ads & HTML elements)
Asynchronous tag support
Synchronous tag support
Library of triggers & conditions
Tag Manager variables
Test & debug mode
Tag configuration import/export
Privacy features (opt-out & opt-in)
Integration with Consent Manager
Integration with Analytics
Integration with Customer Data Platform
Customer data platform
Single customer view (SCV)
Easy data import through CSV file
Data import through API
Cross-channel customer journey
Custom audience builder
Audience insights
Audience export (API & CSV)
Audience activation (i.a. to Facebook Ads & Google Ads)
Capturing form data
Consent manager
Customizable consent forms (modal & pop-up)
User-friendly consent form editor
Support for custom HTML consent form
Collecting consents for the use of third-party tools
Displaying consent requests for certain regions (e.g. EEA)
Consent reminder widget
Consent change & withdrawal widget
Data subject request widget
Data subject request admin panel
Consent & data subject request history
Consent performance statistics
Zero cookie load
Support & SLA
Email support
User guides
Dedicated customer success manager
Service delivery manager
Personalized implementation & onboarding (on-site & remotely)
Dedicated training (on-site or remotely)
Analytics consulting
Custom development & integrations
24/7 monitoring and incident handling
Support team's business hours New Zealand (GMT+13) Europe (GMT+1) and
US Eastern Time (GMT-5)
Support response time avg. 1 business day 4 hours
Cloud SLAs
Privacy & security compliance
Full data ownership
GDPR compliance
HIPAA compliance depends on your infrastructure
Cloud data residency Germany selected data center: Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore or the US
Private cloud data residency one of 58 Azure regions around the globe
On-premises data residency depends on your server location depends on your server location
Data security
Full server redundancy depends on your infrastructure
ISO 27001-certified data centers depends on your infrastructure
SOC 2-certified data centers depends on your infrastructure
External security audits last in 2014 last in 2014 yearly
SAML integration paid plugin
Password policy paid plugin
User management
User groups
Legal entity no legal entity (community) InnoCraft Limited (New Zealand) Piwik PRO Sp. z o.o. (Poland) Piwik PRO GmbH (Germany) Piwik PRO LLC (New York, US)
Local company presence unknown Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States
Full-time staff <10 100+
Company's security certificates ISO 27001
Official partners Microsoft, EY, agencies & system integrators around the globe

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