Collect and activate data more easily and flexibly

Quickly create, test and deploy tags from customizable templates. Coordinate tag behavior with Analytics, Customer Data Platform and Consent Manager to fit any data collection approach.

  • Modules:
  • Analytics
  • Tag Manager
  • Consent Manager
  • Customer Data Platform

Reduce IT involvement

Spare time & resources

Relieve your tech team from the burden of managing the tags. Optimize IT costs and let developers devote more time to their core tasks.

Give power back to marketers

Use a simple visual interface to install, edit, remove tags and marketing tools without writing a single line of code.

Improve time-to-market of your tools & campaigns

Add new vendors and configure tags for new campaigns in a flash, bypassing unnecessary bottlenecks.

“The overarching goal was to create software that would be easy to use for non-technical people. Thanks to the intuitive interface, vast library of tag templates and smooth integration with other Piwik PRO modules, our clients gain greater flexibility in collecting and utilizing their data.”

Paweł Łubiarz
Product Manager at Piwik PRO

Manage your marketing infrastructure

All tools in one place

Handle your marketing stack from a central panel. Deploy tags and personalized content using behavior-based triggers and customer data.

Simplified tag management

Fast-track tag management by importing configurations and using them across your websites thanks to meta setups for your meta sites.

Add new products in a few clicks

Use ready-made templates and a visual interface to configure, install and test new tools within minutes.

Quick tracking plan implementation

Implement your tracking plan by using tags, triggers, events, variables, ecommerce tracking, virtual page views or the data layer.

Highly-targeted personalization

Define precise audiences for your pop-ups and custom HTML. Serve your visitors with meaningful ads and messages.

Out-of-the-box integration with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Employ a stack consisting of Analytics, Consent Management and CDP to ensure an effortless maintenance and a low entry barrier for new team members.

Check if everything runs smoothly

Test your tags before they go live

Preview your implementations in a safe environment. Use debug mode to address any potential issues.

Quickly pinpoint implementation issues

Review changelog to see who and when made changes that could negatively affect your marketing infrastructure.

Improve website performance

Load tags asynchronously

Don’t let marketing tools affect your page load speed. Even if tags are slow to respond, they won’t impact the performance of your website.

Control when & where tags fire

Deploy tags only on selected pages, for defined audiences or under specific conditions to minimize page load time.

Quickly pause or remove tags

Get rid of broken and unused tags. Easily pause or delete them without coding or performing a website scan.

Respect user privacy & data security

Act in line with privacy laws

Enforce consent and opt-out mechanisms to your tags via a built-in integration with Consent Manager.

Assure compliance of the third-party scripts

Check if the tools installed on your website meet your privacy standards. Prevent tags and pixels from firing without visitors’ consent (zero cookie load).

Apply different permission levels

Manage user permissions and website settings to control who sees, modifies and publishes tags.

What you’ll get with Piwik PRO

Choose from multiple hosting options

Host Piwik PRO in your own cloud subscription, in a private cloud in a dedicated database or dedicated hardware (60+ Azure regions, and European-owned Orange Cloud in France and Elastx in Sweden), or in the public cloud (SE, DE, NL, FR, US, HK).

Benefit from fast onboarding

We make sure you truly know our platform and feel comfortable using it. Our role is to guide you through onboarding, run training sessions and dispel any of your doubts.

Get professional support & consulting

An extensive help resources and your dedicated account manager are here to answer your questions. As an extra service, you can also turn to our technical experts, who’ll find custom solutions for your challenges.

“We teamed up with Piwik PRO over two years ago, not only for our own platform, but also for our customers. We’re working side by side with Piwik PRO to make sure that our customers’ first-party data is properly collected and used. Candid’s philosophy is to be open and curious, working with Piwik PRO enhances this.”

Gérard Ghazarian
Founder & CEO at Candid

Use the free Core plan or get a custom demo of an Enterprise plan setup. Get advanced, privacy-friendly analytics either way.