Funnel Analytics

Funnels provide a clear visual presentation of how your users, prospective, and existing customers move through any series of events.

Why Piwik PRO Funnel Analytics?

Piwik PRO Funnels Analytics is an easy way to optimize the conversion rate of your website and increase its business value. By learning how your visitors move throughout the sales funnel, you can identify where they drop off and work towards eliminating these bottlenecks. Get more ROI on each visitor, try PRO Funnels today!

Funnel Visualization

Get a clear, visual presentation of how your visitors move throughout the conversion funnel and where they drop off.

Funnel Segmentation

Apply segmented view while analyzing funnel reports. Learn which user segments are underperforming among your visitors.

Success & Abandonment rate

Get KPIs to show overall funnel performance. Acquire actionable information about success and abandonment rates.

Funnel Drop-offs

Uncover the bottlenecks in your funnel. Identify the steps that lead to the highest number of visitors abandoning your funnel.

Quick and Easy Installation

You can start using Piwik PRO Funnels in a matter of seconds. Once your order has been completed, its installation is easy as pie, and if you need any help, the PRO team provides support. Funnel Analytics comes at no extra cost with all upgrades to the Piwik PRO plans.

Advanced Segmentation for Optimized Strategy

Apply segmented view to identify groups of your visitors that may be responsible for the highest drop-off rates. Improve their performance or exclude them from your campaigns to decrease acquisition costs and allocate your resources more effectively.

Funnel Entrances & Drop-Offs

Learn which actions led your visitors to enter or exit a particular funnel. Discover which actions bring you the best converting clients and which funnel steps experience the highest drop-off rate.

Compare Different Funnel Segments

Use Piwik PRO’s comparison dashboard to compare three segments in one place. Adjust your marketing and sales campaigns to focus attention and resources on the best performing subsets.

Piwik Funnel Reporting

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