Extend the value of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Integrate your analytics with tools like Google Ads, Google Search Console, WordPress, Power BI, and more.

Marketing integrations

Make use of integrations developed to enhance data quality and marketing performance

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Google Ads

See which campaigns bring the most traffic to your website. Combine data from Google Ads with data from Piwik PRO like sessions, bounce rate, and goal conversion.

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Google Search Console

Get information about Google search queries and clicked search results in Piwik PRO. Understand how visitors who came through the Google search behave on your site.

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Google Tag Manager

Add and update your tags for conversion tracking, site analytics and remarketing. Use the Piwik PRO integration with Google Tag Manager to collect data server-side to keep your visitors' data safe and private.

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Piwik PRO Tag Manager

Integrate Piwik PRO Tag Manager with Facebook Ads, Google Ads and YouTube. Use thousands of integrations thanks to tag manager templates. Enforce consent and opt-out mechanisms to your tags via Consent Manager.

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Integrate your CMS & Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Monitor website and content analytics to better tailor experiences

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Make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your WordPress website’s content and provide user experience. Add the Piwik PRO plugin and track your performance in the Analytics Suite.

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Add the Piwik PRO code and start collecting visitor data. Understand where your visitors come from, how they get to your site, and on which pages they spend the most time.

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Use the Piwik PRO code to connect your site to analytics. Make informed decisions to improve the number of website visitors and keep track of other important metrics.

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Data visualization & BI tools

Increase your efficiency through integration of data tools you use on a daily basis

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Comfortably visualize your analytics data in Tableau. Make more informed decisions around product strategy, operations, sales, marketing, customer care and more with Piwik PRO analytics embedded into your daily processes.

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Microsoft Power BI

Connect data from Piwik PRO analytics to your BI platform. Combine it with your entire data estate. Start creating powerful data visualizations in dashboards and reports in Microsoft Power BI.

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Google Sheets

Work with your analytics data in Google Sheets. Use our integration available in Google Workspace Marketplace. Import raw data or single report data to a spreadsheet.

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Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)

Use data collected by Piwik PRO and mix it with information from different touchpoints in Google Data Studio. Easily build reports and dashboards that let you see the full picture.

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Move Piwik PRO data to your reporting and storage platform of choice – whether it's a spreadsheet or a data visualization tool. Easily combine data to understand your overall performance with the integration created by Supermetrics.

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Data storage & cloud

Contact us and learn about integrations that help to ingest, filter, transform, enrich and store big data

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Integrate your Amazon S3 data storage with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Easily build scalable, efficient, production-ready data pipelines and workflows.

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Azure Blob Storage

Perform combined analysis with Piwik PRO and Azure Blob storage integration. Create data lakes for your analytics needs, process your data and build enhanced data pipelines.

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Export your organization's raw analytics data to BigQuery with Piwik PRO integration. Enable robust cross-device and cross-platform data analysis and reporting.

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Mobile analytics SDKs

Measure and optimize user acquisition, engagement and retention in mobile apps

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Android SDK

Collect usage and behavioral data for your app. See how users navigate through your Android app thanks to Piwik PRO.

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Capture data about behavior and characteristics of your iOS app users. Understand the user journey inside your app with Piwik PRO SDK.

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React Native SDK

Integrate your React Native app with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Easily collect data and analyze it with detailed reports and dashboards.

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Flutter SDK

Get insight on app usage and user engagement. Integrate your Flutter app with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

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Web & app analytics

Analyze user interactions and easily track the usage of your web app

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Integrate Piwik PRO with your React web application.

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Integrate Piwik PRO with your Angular application.

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Integrate Piwik PRO with your Gatsby web application.

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Integrate Piwik PRO analytics with your Next.js web application.

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Integrate Piwik PRO with your progressive web app.

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Integrate Piwik PRO with your AMP pages.

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Connect your intranet analytics to Piwik PRO

Improve usage, employee engagement, data security and privacy compliance within your intranet environment

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Use Piwik PRO integration to collect data about Confluence users. Gain an in-depth understanding of how users utilize the platform to improve productivity across locations and teams.

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Microsoft SharePoint Online

Collect data about SharePoint users thanks to Piwik PRO and Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365) integration. Analyze, plan and develop an efficient SharePoint environment.

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Microsoft SharePoint On-premises

Employ additional safety measures in your Microsoft SharePoint (2013, 2016, 2019, Subscription Edition). Connect analytics to your on-premises SharePoint instance by installing the integration on your local web server.

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[Coming soon] Customer Data Platform

Easily integrate and activate customer data through webhooks and no-code integration platforms

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Build rich customer profiles and audiences, then active them in your favorite channels. Connect your CDP with CRM, ecommerce platform, data warehouse and other products accepting webhooks. Get more flexibility in acting on customer insights with custom webhook templates.

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Data integration tools

Easily import and activate data through no-code tools, such as Zapier. Integrate CDP with your CRM, content personalization tools, ad platforms, email marketing software, internal communication channels and more.

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Meet compliance requirements, maximize opt-ins, and build trust with customers using consent manager integrations.


Easily integrate Piwik PRO Analytics Suite with Cookiebot consent management platform (CMP). Provide transparency and control over all cookies and tracking on your websites to comply with privacy regulations.


Integrate OneTrust Intelligence Platform with Piwik PRO. Capture users' consent and understand their choices. Drive personalization, segmentation and marketing campaigns while complying with privacy laws.


Collect user consent and preferences globally, across all domains and devices with Didomi Consent Management Platform and Piwik PRO integration. Get insights about campaign conversions and other data while in full respect for GDPR.

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