Piwik PRO Analytics Suite Integrations

Explore how Piwik PRO can be integrated with third-party solutions for diverse use cases and extended marketing capabilities.

Facebook Ads

Get access to one of the world’s largest ad platforms. Export Piwik PRO segments and audiences to Facebook Ads, use your data in facebook remarketing campaigns, increase reach of your campaigns and audiences with Facebook lookalike features.

Google AdWords

Reach more than 90% of internet users with Google AdWords. Activate Piwik PRO segments in Google AdWords and utilize such features as AdWords remarketing, Gmail Ads, Video Campaigns and many more.

Trade Desk

The Trade Desk allows you to value each impression like traders value stocks, using first and third party data to decide which impression to buy and how much to pay. Push your segments to Trade Desk any time and use it in your marketing campaigns. Use our Trade Desk integration to enrich your 1st party data or create lookalike audiences.


Take full advantage of international Internet advertising and ad management software: AppNexus. Push your data to the digital advertising platform and reach your desired audiences through the AppNexus integration.


Harness the power of data visualization with Looker, the business intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates with Piwik PRO. With this integration you can effortlessly create data-rich dashboards and reports without the hassle of using SQL or Look ML.


Transform your data from Piwik PRO into visually appealing, interactive visualizations with Tableau integration. Understand your data with Tableau data visualization software by connecting easily to nearly any data source.

Google Analytics

Integrate Piwik PRO with the most popular analytics tools to measure website, app, digital and offline data. Use Piwik PRO Tag Manager templates for Google Analytic events, custom dimensions, custom variables.


Attract new visitors, convert leads, and close customers with HubSpot integration. Use the inbound marketing and sales software to create, automate, measure, and optimize all of your online marketing in one place and integrate your data from Piwik PRO seamlessly.


Take advantage of the most popular marketing automation software. Use your user segments to create email campaigns quickly and efficiently. With Piwik PRO Marketo integration you can easily create, automate and measure campaigns across various channels.


View the results of your Optimizely experiments in your own instance and combine the data with Piwik PRO metrics. Utilize Piwik PRO Tag Manager’s versatility to quickly deploy A/B testing tags, using both pre-set and custom tags without Flash Of Original Content (FOOC).


Launch new A/B tests, modify testing tags and turn tests on and off – all without unnecessary delay with Visual Website Optimizer integration. View the results of your VWO experiments in your own instance and combine the data with Piwik PRO metrics.

Crazy Egg

Take advantage of more exhaustive reports from Crazy Egg - a Visual Website Optimizer. Merge your segmented data with Crazy Egg reports to boost the performance of your website, speed up your user testing & analysis process.

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