Boost ecommerce revenue with an integrated analytics platform

Get in-depth insights and improve your conversion rates with intuitive dashboards, custom reports, heatmaps, and easy privacy settings.

  • Modules:
  • Analytics
  • Tag Manager
  • Consent Manager
  • Customer Data Platform

Understand the customer journey

Get a complete view of your customers’ journeys. Learn more about client needs with the help of ecommerce dimensions, metrics, funnels and product scope, in addition to other capabilities.

Monitor product-specific key ecommerce metrics

Track vital ecommerce indicators, such as customer lifetime value (CLV), shopping behavior metrics, total revenue, and average order value (AOV). Tailor the analysis to your needs with calculated ecommerce metrics, reports, and product custom dimensions.

Access complete customer profiles and segmentation

Unlock customer insights with advanced segmentation. Use a CDP to understand customers and build in-depth profiles that include data about their demographics, purchase history, behavior, and more.

Maximize funnel performance

Embrace the complexity and diversity of the modern customer digital journey with multi-channel attribution. Understand every step of the journey with ecommerce funnels such as checkout funnel and shopping behavior reports.

Improve synergy between the marketing and product teams

Allow your teams to easily analyze data and understand customer behavior thanks to intuitive dashboards. Empower them with actionable insights and a comprehensive view of their efforts.

“In the dynamic world of ecommerce, the strategic utilization of web analytics guides businesses towards exceptional user experiences, frictionless transactions, and profound insights into the customer journey.”

Jarek Miazga
Product Manager at Piwik PRO

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Improve your marketing ROI

Analyze customer buying habits and return on investment from advertising to improve your profitability. Embrace data-driven insights to leverage content marketing and optimize your website for SEO.

Nurture potential clients into loyal customers

Uncover the common traits of your most active users. Recognize the elements of your product and marketing efforts that drive upsells and reduce customer turnover.

Simplify your work through product integrations

Take advantage of integrations designed to improve data quality and enhance marketing performance. Easily integrate your analytics with A/B and BI tools, Google Ads, or Google Search Console.

Improve customer experience

Locate errors and problematic areas

Take a deep dive into reports to quickly identify areas in your online store that may have errors or a poor customer experience.

Optimize using heatmaps

See what users click and what they miss. Identify patterns in user engagement and make informed decisions when improving your online store.

Personalize ecommerce experiences

Tailor the customer experience through customized product recommendations, behavior-triggered pop-ups, messages, and remarketing campaigns.

Security and privacy

Anonymous ecommerce data collection

Respond to customers’ data privacy demands worldwide. Respect their privacy preferences while collecting valuable data about attribution, page performance, and user behavior.

Full control over data

Decide what types of data you use, who can access it, where you store it, what you use it for, and what security measures you apply to it.

Make compliance easy

Manage compliance of the marketing tools installed on your website – analytics, remarketing, content personalization, and more. Use Piwik PRO Consent Manager to create and implement your consent requests.

Safe data hosting

Host Piwik PRO in a private or public cloud on Azure servers in the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Orange Cloud in France, or Elastx in Sweden.

What you’ll get with Piwik PRO

Integrated data platform

Take analytics to the next level by combining it with other Piwik PRO modules – Tag Manager, Consent Manager, and Customer Data Platform.

Smooth learning curve

Get started quickly with the platform’s intuitive interface and frictionless onboarding. Use advanced analytics based on familiar concepts.

Optional data sampling

Decide if you want to work with a complete data set or optimize your reports’ efficiency through data sampling.

Data export and APIs

Fuel up different parts of your stack or data warehouse with analytics data using our powerful API or raw data export.

Collaboration and sharing capabilities

Adjust your reports and dashboards to the needs of different teams and share them within your company – easily and safely.

Support and professional services

Whenever you have questions, you can review our help center, and contact your dedicated account manager or our tech support team.

Ecommerce analytics knowledge base

Learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret ecommerce data to gain valuable insights about your online store.

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