Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics

We’ve placed Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics side-by-side for you to see the key differences between them and decide what’s your best bet. See how they differ regarding analytics capabilities, data privacy, and customer care.

Adobe Analytics Piwik PRO Core Piwik PRO Enterprise
Analytics - data collection flexibility
Web and mobile app analytics
Custom dimensions
Limit of properties/websites unlimited 10 unlimited
Mobile SDKs and app support
Android - Java
Android - Kotlin
iOS - Swift
iOS - Objective-C
React Native
SPA - Single Page Application
PWA - Progressive Web Apps
AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages
Data processing & connectivity
Data freshness 45 - 120 min ~30 min ~30 min
Data sampling none, except for selected Audience Manager reports none by default. can be enabled for high-traffic properties to improve reports load time none by default. can be enabled for high-traffic properties to improve reports load time
Access to raw data API, CSV, Data Warehouse, Data Feeds, Tableau Data Extract API, Tableau connector API, BigQuery, CSV export, Tableau connector
Access to historical raw data
Data retention 25 months 14 months 25 months or more (depending on your configuration or contract)
BigQuery raw data export
via Data Feed
Reporting API
Integrations with popular BI and data visualization software (e.g. Tableau, Power BI)
Reporting features
Standard reporting
Reports & Analytics will be sunsetted in December 2023
rich set of standard reports rich set of standard reports
Regular expressions in filters, segments & groupings
Live traffic/live map
Consent reports
Heatmap/clickmap/scrollmap report
Retention reports (cohorts)
Conversion rate
Bounce rate metric
Average session duration
Custom channel grouping
Calculated metrics
Cross-property roll-up reporting (metasites)
Ability to process personal data and PII (including sensitive data) hashing recommended, sensitive PII not allowed non-encrypted and encrypted PII allowed non-encrypted and encrypted PII allowed
Legally compliant tracking of secure member areas
Funnel reporting

User flow reporting
Detailed session log
User-level reporting
can be set up
Technology reporting (devices, OS, browsers)
Source/Medium report
Landing page report
Campaigns report
Site speed reports
can be set up
Location report
Site search report
Detailed acquisition channel reporting
Goal conversion reports
Ecommerce tracking

Content tracking
Download report
can be set up
Outlink report
can be set up
Network domain and service provider dimensions
Custom reports
Detailed real-time reporting
Custom dashboards
Pie chart widget
Bar chart widget
Line Chart widget
Table widget
Counter widget
Advanced segmentation & data filtering
Content grouping
Reports scheduling and distribution
Report alerts based on changes in metric values
Sharing reports and dashboards with your team
Multi-channel attribution
Predefined attribution models
Custom attribution model
Model comparison tool
Conversion paths
Path length
Data-driven attribution
Product integrations
Google Signals
Customer data platform
available as additional product

native integration with Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform
Google Search Console
Google Ads
Looker Studio
Google Sheets third-party paid extension
A/B testing
tag templates from external tools

tag templates from external tools
Hosting options
EU hosting

selected data center: Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, the US or Hong Kong
Private cloud
selected data center in one of 60+ Azure regions, and European-owned Orange Cloud in France and Elastx servers in Sweden
Analytics – data anonymization
Advanced data anonymization
Zero-identity tracking
Out of the box anonymous and deanonymized data streams
IP Anonymization
EMEA region
Session pseudonymization (anonymous data tracking)
Data control & privacy
100% data control
Data shared with third parties
Local data residency
Conversion tracking without consent
real traffic

real traffic
GDPR compliance
HIPPA compliance
PECR compliance
TTDSG compliance
LGPD compliance
CCPA compliance
Data backups and redundancy
Integrated consent manager (with data subject requests management)
Suitable for industries handling sensitive data: banking, governments, telecoms and healthcare
Tag Manager
Asynchronous tag support
Synchronous tag support
Tag template library
Analytics tag templates
Custom tags
Custom pop-ups
Content personalization (banners, ads & HTML elements)
Library of triggers & conditions
Lookup tables
Trigger groups coming soon coming soon
Tag manager variables
Test & debug mode
Tag configuration import/export
Workspaces for concurrent tagging projects
Privacy features (opt-out & opt-in)
Zero cookie load
Adjusting fired tags to visitor's privacy preferences
Customer care & SLA
Self-service help center
Community forum
Live chat support
Email support
Dedicated support specialist
ultimate support package only
Dedicated account manager
ultimate support package only
Personalized implementation & onboarding
ultimate support package only
Personalized product training
ultimate support package only
Analytics consulting
SLA 99% uptime
Data security
Full server redundancy
ISO 27001 certified data centers
SOC 2 certified data centers
ISO 27001 product
SOC 2 Type II product
External security audits
SAML integration
User access management
Number of user accounts no limits no limits no limits

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