Piwik PRO Core (free) vs. Piwik PRO Enterprise

Every difference between the two available plans for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Piwik PRO Core is a free plan that includes many of the features of the paid Enterprise plan. It’s available for free to encourage more people to use the Piwik PRO platform. Whatever plan you choose, you keep control of the data you collect. We don’t make any money from sharing or using data collected by Core users (or Enterprise users). We make money by selling the Enterprise plan.

Piwik PRO Enterprise offers all the capabilities of the Piwik PRO platform. New features and integrations are added all the time. The Enterprise plan also offers flexibility. For example, the number of actions and the exact modules included are choices you get to make. You’ll benefit from personalized support with an option for custom add-ons and setups. You’ll get exactly the platform you need at a good value.

Core Enterprise
General overview
Privacy and security compliance
Product capabilities
Price free
Hosting options
Private cloud
selected data center in one of 60+ Azure regions, and European-owned Orange Cloud in France and Elastx servers in Sweden
Germany data center

selected data center: Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, US or Hong Kong
Data processing & connectivity
Action limit 0.5M free / up to 5M paid 2M - 4B
Standard JavaScript tags and mobile SDKs
Data freshness 30 min 30 min
Data retention 14 months 25 months or more (depending on your configuration or contract)
No data sampling by default
Access to raw data

API, BigQuery, CSV export
Connectors to common BI and data visualization software
Reporting API
Web & mobile analytics
Custom dimensions
Number of properties/websites 10 unlimited
Conversion attribution
Advanced funnel reporting
User flow reporting
Site speed reports
Goal conversion reports
Custom data grouping
Technology reporting (devices, OS, browsers)
Custom reports and dashboards
Advanced segmentation & data filtering
Report alerts based on changes in metric values
Sharing reports and dashboards with your team
Google Ads integration
Google Search Console integration
Product analytics
Mobile analytics
Ecommerce tracking
Real-time reporting
Single page application (SPA) tracking
Ability to customize any default report
Drag & drop editor
Report data export as a CSV file
Tag Manager
Asynchronous tag support
Synchronous tag support
Tag templates for popular remarketing pixels
Tag templates for usability and CRO tools
Library of built-in tags, triggers and variables
Custom tags, triggers and variables
Custom JavaScript variables
Content personalization (banners, ads & HTML elements) & pop-ups
Test & debug mode
Zero cookie load
Import / export tag configurations
Import / export tag configurations between websites
Consent Manager
Customizable consent forms (modal & pop-up)
User-friendly consent form editor
Support for custom HTML consent form
Collect consents for the use of third-party tools
Display consent requests for certain regions (e.g. EEA)
Consent reminder widget
Consent change & withdrawal widget
Data subject request functionality
Consent performance statistics
Customer Data Platform
Single customer view (SCV)
Personal (& sensitive) data onboarding
Cross-channel customer journey
Custom audience builder
Audience insights
Audience export (API & CSV)
Audience activation (i.a. to Facebook Ads & Google Ads)
Data integration tools
Templates for custom activations
Product integrations
Google Search Console
Google Ads
up to 10 active accounts

up to 50 active accounts
Google Sheets
Data visualization tools including Looker Studio
Privacy & security
Data anonymization
Zero-identity tracking (a stricter form of anonymous tracking)
Possibility to link personal & anonymous data
100% data control
Compliance with GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and more*
Compliance with HIPAA* 6-month trial
Data shared with third parties
Data backups and redundancy
Privacy features (opt-out & opt-in)
SOC 2 certified data centers
ISO 27001 certified data centers
External security audits
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Password policy
User groups
*For compliance, setup details can be important and requirements can vary by industry and jurisdiction
Support & customer care
Self-service help center
Community forum
Live chat support
Email support
Dedicated support specialist
Dedicated account manager
Personalized implementation & onboarding (on-site & remotely)
Personalized product training
Analytics consulting
99% uptime guaranteed
Service delivery manager
Custom development & integrations
24/7 monitoring and incident handling
Support location N/A Europe (GMT+1)


What happens if I exceed 500,000 actions on the Core plan?

If you get close to the action limit of the Core plan, you’ll be presented with two options:

  • Send fewer hits to your instance (e.g. unplug some domains or track less events).
  • Increase your monthly action limit to up to 5M by choosing one of the paid action tiers.
  • Upgrade to a higher plan. See our pricing page for details.

How are actions counted in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite?

Actions in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite include visitors (or users of your product or app) doing something that is tracked as well as background tasks performed by the platform. The most common examples of actions are the following:

  • Page view: a visitor visits a page
  • Download: a visitor downloads a file
  • Outlink: a visitor clicks the link to an external website
  • Search: a visitor uses your internal search engine
  • Custom event: a visitor performs a custom event
  • Goal: a visitor completes a goal
  • Loading a tag manager container
  • Loading a consent manager window
  • Uploading a line item
  • Sending an API request

How do I switch from Core to Enterprise? How much time does it take?

Just let us know that you want to upgrade (however you prefer, on the Piwik PRO platform, on our website, by email…) We'll guide you through the process. The length of the upgrade depends on several factors, most of them contractual.

As soon as the paperwork is down, however, the technical side of the upgrade is fast. You'll have access to the Enterprise plan right away. If you require any custom setup or implementation then the process could take longer, but access to the Enterprise features themselves is almost instantaneous.

If I switch to the Enterprise plan, do I keep all my settings, data, tags, etc.?

Yes. All settings and data from your Core plan instance will carry over to the Enterprise plan. That is to say, you'll be able to start working with the Enterprise plan from wherever you left off with your Core plan setup and collected data.

Create your free (forever!) Core account now, or get a demo of your ideal Piwik PRO configuration. Get advanced privacy-friendly analytics either way.