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Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: An alternative to a powerful platform that falls short on data privacy [UPDATED]

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Published February 15, 2021 · Updated February 14, 2022

Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: An alternative to a powerful platform that falls short on data privacy [UPDATED]

Choosing the right analytics software is a difficult task. It’s particularly challenging for analysts and decision makers at large organizations that have to take into account factors such as:

  • The specific analytics use cases of individual departments and branches 
  • The level of analytics competence of current and potential users
  • Integrations with other tools in their analytics and data ecosystems
  • Data protection laws in the jurisdictions where they operate
  • Internal protocols for handling data

In this post we compare various features of two enterprise-ready analytics platforms: Adobe Analytics and Piwik PRO. Here’s a high-level comparison to start:

Adobe Analytics Piwik PRO
Privacy & security
Customer care & support
Platform capabilities

Read on to learn all the details behind the stars in the table.

Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: Privacy and security (GDPR, CCPA and more)

Privacy laws around the world regulate how companies handle information about their clients, including data collected via analytics platforms. 

Both Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics are GDPR-, CCPA- and HIPAA-compliant and hold certificates for a widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standard: ISO 27001. Both companies also employ data anonymization features. 

As for hosting options, Piwik PRO offers cloud, private cloud and on-premises deployment options that ensure adherence to privacy regulations. 

Its cloud hosting helps you comply with data residency laws. In the case of public cloud, you can choose between Azure data centers located in Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the US as well as safe European-owned data center in Sweden provided by ElastX. Private cloud offering includes 60+ locations of AWS and Azure regions and ElastX servers in Sweden. Each hosting option guarantees 100% data ownership and control over data.

Piwik PRO also offers an integrated consent and data subject request manager. The module makes it easy to gather and process consents and data subject requests required by GDPR. 

With Adobe, you can store data in the following regions:

  • Oregon (US)
  • Virginia (US)
  • Ireland
  • Paris (France)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Sydney (Australia)
  • Beijing (China)

Clients can choose to use the data center that is closest to their website. These limited hosting options might not be enough for companies that have to adhere to different data residency laws around the globe.

As far as obtaining a visitor’s consent, Adobe Analytics users can build their own software or integrate with a third-party platform.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
100% data ownership
GDPR compliance
HIPAA compliance
Data anonymization
Cloud data residency compliance Full
(60+ regions)
(9 regions)
Built-in consent management module
On-premises hosting
Private cloud hosting

Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: Processing personal data

Personal data and personally identifiable information (PII) are valuable sources of information about users. Since they contain unique identifiers, they let you recognize visitors across sessions and devices. As a result, you’re able to explore full customer journeys and spot bottlenecks in the conversion process.

That being said, Adobe Analytics doesn’t allow you to collect this kind of information with their product. Adobe’s help center says:

Adobe strongly suggests customers refrain from passing personally identifiable information (PII) to Adobe, especially in situations where the PII is not necessary for Analytics.

Although this statement is rather vague, it suggests that Adobe discourages you from collecting PII, and thus personal data, with its software. 

As for Piwik PRO, it allows you to gather PII and personal data (including sensitive information) and safeguard its privacy and security. It does so by employing a consent manager and giving you full ownership over the data.

With these things in place, you can also use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to track secure member areas of your websites and apps to make sure you don’t miss any relevant touchpoint. 

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Personal data onboarding
Secure member areas analytics Limited

Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: Support & customer care

Adobe Analytics doesn’t provide product implementation and client onboarding as a part of its service. 

That said, you can count on reactive support to a person assigned as a support admin in your organization. This is one of seven roles in the administrative hierarchy. After the admin is designated, they can contact support by phone, chat, email or log an incident.

When issuing support tickets, you must identify the issue priority. These range from P4-minor to P1-mission critical. Each level has a corresponding response time:

  • P1 Mission critical: 30 minutes (extremely serious interruptions to a production system)
  • P2 Urgent: one hour (serious interruptions to normal operations)
  • P3 Important: four hours (malfunctioning or incorrect behavior of the product)
  • P4 Minor: one business day (installation and configuration inquiries)

Piwik PRO gives their clients dedicated onboarding, product implementation and high-touch customer care and support. The team of experts working with each client consists of the following: 

A dedicated account manager – Your first point of contact in case of any questions. The account manager also gathers your business requirements and completes the onboarding documentation.

Solution architects – Working with your account manager, they set up your Piwik PRO reports and dashboards, making sure they’re useful and track all the relevant pieces of data. 

Support specialists – They help you resolve any technical issues within the response time guaranteed in your SLA. Non-critical items are resolved typically in 4 hours, while business critical ones – within minutes to an hour.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Personalized implementation and onboarding
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated technical support team

Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: Data collection and flexibility

When it comes to data collection and flexibility, both vendors provide the features you would expect from an enterprise-level product, such as: 

  • JavaScript tags compatible with multiple browsers and suitable for all websites, regardless of their complexity
  • Mobile software development kits (SDK) which allow analytics integration with both iOS and Android applications
  • Standard data retention period of 25 months (extendable for a fee)
Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
JavaScript tags
Mobile SDK
Data freshness 30 minutes 45-120 minutes
Data retention 25 months
(can be extended)
25 months
(can be extended)

Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: Reporting capabilities 

Adobe Analytics is known for being one of the most advanced platforms on the market. That being said, Adobe Analytics and Piwik PRO have a lot in common in terms of reporting capabilities. Both provide:

  • Advanced user flow and funnel reports that show customer and prospect behavior leading up to conversions
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop report editors 
  • Custom dashboards 
  • Calculated metrics – custom metrics you can create out of existing metrics
  • Custom channel grouping – allowing you to connect all traffic sources to your website in a channel grouping that you define
  • Custom multi-channel attribution – adjust and combine attribution models to fit your needs
  • A built-in tag manager to simplify creating, testing and deploying tags for websites and apps
  • A customer data platform for easier user-level tracking and creation of single customer views
  • Integration with Google Ads to manage paid marketing campaigns

With all that in common, Piwik PRO has some exclusive features such as out-of-the-box integration with Google Search Console. There is also Piwik PRO SharePoint analytics, which allows you to monitor and evaluate your intranet to optimize productivity and engagement.

However, Piwik PRO lacks automatic cohort analysis and predictive analytics features available in Adobe Analytics.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Funnel analytics with advanced segmentation and attribution
User flow reports
SharePoint analytics
Integrated consent management mechanism
Integrated customer data platform
Google Search Console integration
Google Ads integration
Modern drag-and-drop report editor
Custom metrics
Multi-channel attribution
Custom channel grouping
Automatic cohort analysis
Predictive analytics

Is Piwik PRO a good Adobe Analytics alternative?

You’ll find many similarities between Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics, but there are differences in three main areas: privacy, security and support. With so many shared qualities, we can easily say that Piwik PRO is an Adobe Analytics alternative worth considering.

We’ve shown you some key capabilities of these two products and hopefully we’ve helped you in your decision-making process. If you have any questions about Piwik PRO’s features or if it’s an appropriate Adobe Analytics alternative for your project, get in touch.

This comparison is based on the publicly available information gathered in February 2021.


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