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Piwik PRO vs Adobe Analytics: Make the best choice for your company

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Published March 2, 2020 · Updated September 15, 2020

Piwik PRO vs Adobe Analytics: Make the best choice for your company

Selecting the right analytics software boils down to your company’s individual needs. The industry you work in and the type of data you collect determines your requirements. If you prioritize privacy, security, or reliable support you may find your web analytics options limited.

With those needs and many more in mind we’ll compare various features of Adobe Analytics and Piwik PRO for you to see the differences. Hopefully, by the end of this post you’ll have a better idea which product is the right fit for your business.

Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics – company backgrounds

Piwik PRO has been providing a privacy-centric analytics platform since 2013. The product includes a variety of features: 100% data ownership, user-level tracking, on-site retargeting, custom reports, and more. You can deploy it in a secure cloud or on-premises, with both options giving companies full control of their data. In 2018, the company’s rapid growth was recognized in Deloitte’s ranking of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in Central Europe.

In 2009, Adobe acquired the Utah-based online marketing and web analytics company Omniture. This move marked the creation of Adobe Analytics. Since then they’ve made more acquisitions, building up not only the Adobe Marketing Cloud but also its reputation and popularity as a robust analytics tool.

The solution is well-known for handling large data sets and making useful reports and visualizations. The ability to integrate with other Adobe products within the marketing cloud adds value to their offer.

Consider this before making your choice

The first and most important step is to establish your needs. Think about these questions in the context of not only yourself but also your team, company, and anyone who will be in contact with your web analytics platform:

  • Will you have an expert working with the tool or will you be using it yourself?
  • How familiar is your company with implementing analytics solutions?
  • Will you/your team need any training?
  • How important is it to have support in case you run into problems?
  • Will you collect personally identifiable information (PII)? 
  • Do you require complete control over your data (i.e., security measures and third-party transfers)?
  • Does your business operate in a highly regulated industry such as: healthcare, banking, government, telecoms, and so on?

These are crucial points to consider if you’re choosing between Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics. Keep your answers in mind as we compare these two products and their features.

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Privacy regulations around the world have established how companies are allowed to handle information they collect about people. Operating outside these frameworks can result in serious legal and financial repercussions.

How does this affect your choice of a web analytics vendor? Let’s take a look at what the companies have to offer in privacy features.

Both Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics are GDPR and HIPAA-compliant, and both hold certificates for one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards: ISO 27001. Both companies have anonymization features that make it impossible to link data to a specific person in the event of a leak or breach.

Piwik PRO offers secure cloud and on-premises deployments that ensure privacy adherence.

Its cloud hosting complies with data residency laws, meaning you can choose from certified data centers around the world to be sure you are not gathering, storing, or transferring any information in an illegal manner. Both hosting options guarantee 100% data ownership and control over data.

An additional privacy feature is the integrated consent manager with a data subject request widget.

It makes it easy to gather consents required to collect data from visitors. The widget lets visitors submit all requests required by GDPR and allows you monitor all requests and view individual consent status.

Adobe Analytics has made strides in this area by adopting privacy by design methodologies and making necessary changes to achieve GDPR compliance.

Adobe Analytics only offers cloud implementation, making 100% data ownership impossible since you always pass it to Adobe’s third-party servers.

As far as obtaining visitor’s consent, Adobe Analytics users can build their own software or integrate software from a third-party. Both are potentially time consuming and expensive options.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
100% data ownership
GDPR compliance
HIPAA compliance
Data anonymization
On-premises hosting


In-depth analytics strategies can get a little complicated at times. It’s important to consider what kind of support will be available when questions arise and if they can onboard your staff.

Adobe Analytics provides direct support to the person specified as “support admin” in your organization. This is one of seven roles in the administrative hierarchy. After a support admin is designated, they can contact support by phone, chat, email, or logging an incident.

When issuing support tickets, you must identify the issue priority. These range from P4-minor to P1-mission critical. Each level has a corresponding response time:

  • P1 Mission critical: 30 minutes (extremely serious interruptions to a production system)
  • P2 Urgent: one hour (serious interruptions to normal operations)
  • P3 Important: four hours (malfunctioning or incorrect behavior of the product)
  • P4 Minor: one business day (installation and configuration inquiries)

With Adobe Analytics it’s possible to achieve detailed, “tailor-made” tracking plans for your company, but this can be difficult if you’re not working with an expert. Unfortunately, if you have questions about setting up reports, how to use the product, or anything not involving a malfunction, you may wait a day before getting the first response from support.

Piwik PRO has dedicated customer success managers (CSM) and an established analytics implementation process. They understand your business goals and how to measure them to make sure you get the most out of the product. This type of custom onboarding reduces the time it takes to get up and running with your web analytics.

Solution architects are also involved in these early stages. Working with CSMs, they customize your web tracking configurations and see to it that everything goes smoothly.

Also, there’s a support team standing by to help you whenever you need them. Live support is available to anyone using the product. The in-app chat feature makes your connection to Piwik PRO’s support seamless.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Data collection and flexibility

When it comes to web analytics, how, what, and when data is gathered should always be considered. This makes up the building blocks you’ll use later on to create reports, dashboards, establish user journeys, and in general gain insights about your customers.

Both vendors provide features you would expect from an enterprise-level product such as:

  • JavaScript tags that are compatible with multiple browsers and suitable for websites regardless of their complexity. 
  • Mobile software development kits (SDK) which allow analytics integration for both iOS and Android applications.
  • Standard data retention period of 25 months (extendable for a fee).

Collection variables let you combine different kinds of data from your analytics deployment and deliver advanced, customized reports. Adobe Analytics’s collection variables max out at 75. This is a decent number, but once you get into highly advanced tracking configurations this limit could be problematic.

In contrast, Piwik PRO has unlimited variables. This gives you the freedom to take advantage of every tracking option you have at your disposal. No plan for analyzing your website traffic is too complex or precise. It’s only up to you how far you take it.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Data freshness 30 MIN 45 – 120 MIN
Number of collection variables Unlimited 75
Unlimited number of properties tracked by account
Data retention 25 months* 25 months*

*can be extended

Reporting possibilities

Reports transform data into discoveries. Without them, there would be little reason for collecting information in the first place. Every analytics vendor is trying to be on the cutting edge and release something innovative in regards to new reports, visualizations, and integration with other tools.

Adobe Analytics and Piwik PRO have a lot in common in this respect. Both provide:

  • User flow and funnel reports that clarify customer and prospect behavior leading up to a sale.
  • The ability to display data visually with custom dashboards you can share across your entire company.
  • Built-in tag managers to simplify tag installation and management on your website.
  • Customer data platforms that let you zoom in to individual user-level tracking.
  • Integration with DoubleClick to manage paid marketing campaigns.

Free comparison of 5 leading enterprise-ready web analytics tools

Compare over 30 features of web analytics software: Piwik PRO, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, etracker Analytics (Enterprise) and Countly Enterprise

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With all that in common, Piwik PRO does have some exclusive features. Integration with Google Search Console provides marketers with valuable data regarding website visibility and SEO efforts.

There is also SharePoint Analytics implementation, which allows you to monitor, evaluate, and optimize activity on one of the most popular collaboration platforms in the world. For more information about improving your company’s intranet, read this post.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Funnel analytics with advanced segmentation and attribution
User flow report
SharePoint analytics
Integrated consent management mechanism
Integrated customer data platform
Google Search Console integration

Data processing and connectivity

This last section deals with how data is processed and made accessible to the user. This includes a few aspects of data such as sampling, using it with other tools, exporting it via APIs, and obtaining raw data. Here the two products share the same features. But they’re worth mentioning, since they are must-haves when you talk about large-scale analytics.

Piwik PRO Adobe Analytics
Unsampled data
Raw data access
Reporting and streaming API
Connectors to common BI and data visualization software

The ability to extract unsampled data and connect with other tools increases the overall usability of the platforms. You’re investing in web analytics software as well as a tool that can work with other products to utilize your data in as many ways as possible.

Final thoughts about making a decision

You can find multiple similarities between Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics. With this said, the main differences are in three areas: privacy, security, and support.

We’ve shown you some of the key capabilities of these two products and hopefully we’ve helped you in your decision-making process. If you have any questions about Piwik PRO’s features or how it stacks up against other software, reach out to us at any time.


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