Piwik PRO vs. Mixpanel Enterprise

Learn the key differences between Piwik PRO Enterprise and Mixpanel Enterprise

Piwik PRO Enterprise Mixpanel Enterprise
Piwik PRO vs. Mixpanel Enterprise
Standard JavaScript tags and mobile SDKs
Data freshness 30 minutes real-time
Data retention 25 months or more (depends on your configuration and contract) event data is stored for 60 months, user data is stored indefinitely
Cloud hosting
Custom variables
(as custom properties)
Custom dimensions
(as custom properties)
"Unlimited number of properties tracked by account"
Data processing and connectivity
Unsampled data
Raw data access
Reporting API
Connectors to common BI and data visualization software
Integrated customer data platform (CDP)
Integrated tag manager
Data privacy and security
100% data control
Data backups and redundancy
Suitable for industries handling sensitive data: banking, governments, telecoms and healthcare
Advanced data anonymization
IP anonymization
ISO 27001 certified organization
SOC 2 certified organization
Integrated consent manager
Reporting features
Standard reporting for web and mobile apps
Custom reports
Customizable dashboards
User-level reporting
Multi-channel attribution reports
Funnel analytics
User flow report
Clickpaths and journey mapping
Ecommerce tracking
Content tracking
Custom channel grouping
Calculated metrics
Report scheduling and distribution
Automatic insights
Sharing reports and dashboards with your team
Support and customer care
Self-service help center
Community forum
Email support
Personalized implementation and onboarding Available as add-on
Dedicated support specialist

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