Collect, analyze and activate your web & app data with ease

A flexible analytics suite for marketers and analysts that lets you respect user privacy every step of the way

Modern analytics made simple

Use a product ready to meet the needs of all your teams thanks to an intuitive interface, built-in and custom reporting, a high-performing backend and access to raw data.

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Freedom to connect and integrate your data

Break free from vendor lock-in. With Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, you truly control your analytics data and decide how to use it, where to send it and what tools to share it with.

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Privacy compliance with the tick of a box

Make your data collection compliant from the start with predefined settings for GDPR, HIPAA, TTDSG and more. Get the full customer journey thanks to our privacy features, such as data anonymization.

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We make sure our users know the platform and feel comfortable using it, with every pricing plan. See what kind of training and support you can count on with Piwik PRO Core and Enterprise.
  • Analytics for web & mobile
  • Analytics for product teams
  • Tag management
  • Data activation
  • Privacy compliance

Reliable data at scale

Get complete and accurate data thanks to: unsampled and raw data, full data control, dedicated technical support and more. Use Tag Manager for more flexibility and Consent Manager for more control over data privacy.

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Analytics for web & mobile - User flow

Complete user experience data

Track post-login areas, integrate with visualization and BI tools, create targeted ad campaigns, and more. Keep your users’ data safe with a complete set of privacy and security features.

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Analytics for product teams - Core report

More control, less effort

Quickly create, test and deploy tags from customizable templates. Coordinate tag behavior with Analytics, Customer Data Platform and Consent Manager to fit any data collection approach.

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Tag management - Tag

Boost sales, adoption, and acquisition with the right data

Understand who your customers are and how they interact with you across channels. Act on these insights to provide a personalized customer experience and optimize your campaigns. Respect user privacy every step of the way.

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Data activation

Meet your analytics & privacy needs

Get more data from more sources thanks to Piwik PRO’s flexible data privacy capabilities. Comply with regulations all over the world, such as GDPR in the EU, LGPD in Brazil and CCPA in the US.

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Privacy compliance - Conser Manager Insights

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Where digital marketing professionals find advice on how to collect and analyze data in a privacy-friendly way

February 21, 2024

Customer Data Platform: Generate meaningful insights with customer data activation and import

A customer data platform (CDP) helps you create a unified, comprehensive view of your customers, enhancing personalization and improving the efficiency and flexibility of marketing campaigns. Accessing and using customer data effectively is crucial for business success and gives marketers a tangible competitive advantage. There is no place for limited data access and integration. With […]

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February 19, 2024

How to use omnichannel analytics for more effective marketing

The need for an omnichannel approach to analytics is hardly breaking news. The offline and online worlds are blending, paths leading to purchases are more of a "back and forth" story than a "one-time shot" and attribution is getting harder. And yet, gathering data from all channels and touchpoints remains a significant challenge. How do […]

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February 9, 2024

Explore the benefits of ecommerce analytics with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

As a part of our masterclass for marketers series, organized in collaboration with Timo Dechau from deepskydata, our experts dive into the topic of ecommerce analytics. Juliana Jackson, a technical marketing expert, explains how advanced analytics features can help make better business decisions and strengthen sales growth. She emphasizes that while the purchase funnel is vital […]

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