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An on-premises and cloud solution guaranteeing 100% data control and compliance with privacy laws.

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Piwik PRO is an amazing piece of software. We have selected it to provide web analytics to both our intranet and internet sites… The resulting implementation is perfectly integrated with our web environment both in terms of look and function. That level of integration would not have been possible with any other solution…

Étienne Beaulé Chief
Application Platforms, Government of Canada

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Control all your marketing efforts from one place and gain powerful insights with data segmentation, user-centric reporting, and painless tag implementation.

100% Data ownership and privacy compliance

100% Data ownership and privacy compliance

Data security is no longer a luxury for companies – it’s non-negotiable. Piwik PRO Marketing Suite can be hosted on-premises, in a private cloud, or at Piwik PRO’s secure data centers, allowing you to retain complete ownership and control of your data.

Fully integrated marketing suite

Fully integrated marketing suite

Piwik PRO integrates seamlessly with other PPMS products like Customer Data Platform, Tag Manager, and Personalization. This allows you to not only collect, analyze, and activate your data, but also manage and control your digital marketing efforts from a centralized platform. These features are especially useful for big data and multi-channel analytics.

Enterprise ready

Enterprise ready

Piwik PRO provides enterprise-level deployment and configuration. Gain access to audit logs, Single Sign-On, 24/7 monitoring, and incident handling. Receive fast and competent support and training from one of our customer support managers.

Privacy compliance

Privacy compliance

Piwik PRO is fully compliant with strict EU, US, Chinese, and Russian data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our products are designed to provide users with a full range of options in order to meet data privacy and security regulations around the world.

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Get actionable advice, tips and guides on secure analytics. Receive the latest updates on data privacy regulations and keep your data management legally compliant.

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Read more about how data security & privacy became our priority and how our commitment has been recognized by both governments and enterprises.

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