piwik pro core plan

Privacy-compliant analytics, built-in consent management and EU hosting. For free.

Analyze customer and user journeys in business, government, healthcare and education

What you’ll get:

  • Unlimited features of enterprise web & mobile analytics, tag & consent manager

  • Custom reports and dashboards generated in seconds

  • Safe EU cloud hosting

  • Up to 100,000 actions per month

  • Full access to raw data through API

  • 14-month data retention

  • Integration with Google Ads & Search Console

  • Compliance with GDPR, LGPD & CCPA

  • Full control over data

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You’ll control 100% of collected data. Piwik PRO will never monetize it.

Our business model relies only on the sales of other plans, those with more actions and modules, longer data retention and additional hosting options

The benefits of the Piwik PRO Core plan

Starting a new analytics project?

Get up and running fast. Track your first conversion on day one.

  • Integrate Piwik PRO in a few clicks by installing a single tracking code
  • Feel at home in a platform based on industry-standard analytics concepts
  • Explore data with confidence thanks to ready-made reports, dashboards as well as an extensive knowledge base

Coming from Google Analytics?

Get better data privacy and security. Keep key features.

  • Know exactly where data you collect is stored and how it’s used
  • Get personal data with opt-in, get anonymous data without. Set it all up in built-in consent manager
  • Keep advanced features and integrations with Google products

Coming from open source?

Get better performance and more features for free than with Matomo or Countly.

  • No need to buy extra plugins for analytics essentials
  • Compile custom reports and dashboards in seconds
  • Collect data always with the latest version of the platform – maintenance and updates are on us

Highlights of the Piwik PRO Core plan

  • Standard audience, acquisition and behavior reports

  • Custom reports and dashboards

  • Advanced funnels

  • User flow reports

  • Multi-channel attribution

  • Calculated metrics

  • Built-in tag manager

  • Built-in consent manager

Launch partners

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I joined the waiting list. When will I get access to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite?

Congratulations! You’ve secured your access to Piwik PRO Core before its official launch in the Summer of 2021. We’ll be releasing the access codes in batches, according to the order of sign-ups. You'll receive updates by email.

What’s the difference between the Core and Enterprise plan?

The main differences are:

  • Data limits: The Core plan maxes out at 100,000 actions per month. The Enterprise plan lets you choose your monthly estimated traffic volume, from <5M up to 500M+ actions per month.
  • Data retention: The Core plan gives you 14-month data retention. With the Enterprise plan it’s 25 months or more (on demand).
  • Support and customer care: The Core plan includes an automated onboarding and help center materials. In the Enterprise plan, you get a dedicated account manager and support team. They help you set up reports and dashboards, provide you with personalized onboarding, training, ongoing support and extra professional services for custom add-ons.
  • Number of modules: The Core plan comprises three out of four Piwik PRO Analytics Suite modules: Analytics, Tag Manager and Consent Manager. Customer Data Platform is available only to those with the Enterprise plan.
  • Hosting options: The Core offer is limited to the EU cloud hosting. The Enterprise plan lets you choose between cloud (the EU, US or Southeast Asia), private cloud (60+ Azure and AWS regions) or on-premises deployment.
  • Availability of enterprise features and integrations: The Core plan doesn’t include the SharePoint analytics integration, single sign-on (SSO) or white labeling. All of these are available in the Enterprise plan.

For more information about the plans, contact our team.

What happens if I exceed 100,000 actions on the Core plan?

If you get close to the data limit of the free plan, you’ll be presented with two options:

  • Send fewer hits to your analytics (e.g., unplug some domains or track less events)
  • Upgrade to the Piwik PRO Enterprise starting from 349 EUR / 419 USD per month

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