Use Segmented Data to Display Personalized Content on Your Website and Run Onsite Campaigns

Create tailored content, pop-ups and notifications to personalize your customers’ experience with highly segmented behavioral data

Content & Website Personalization: Diagram

With Piwik PRO Content Personalization you’ll be able to:

Tailored content based on first-party data

Turn first-party data into tailored content

  • Precisely design your personalization strategy with first-party data gathered from various sources.
  • Gather and analyze data from devices and apps, use transactional and CRM data and merge it with information on online and offline interactions to create detailed user profiles and serve them with hand-picked offers.
  • Import data from CSV, API, or single customer views.

Improve user experience with custom pop-ups & content

Improve user experience with custom pop-ups & content

  • Support your lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns effectively through non-intrusive, personalized pop-up messages and notifications.
  • Launch exit, time, scroll and other behaviour triggered pop-ups and messages.
  • Display customized content such as banners, ads and other HTML elements to effectively engage with your users and improve the overall user experience.

Re-engagement campaigns

Win back your customers with re-engagement campaigns

  • Deliver personalized messages to bring your customers back into the customer journey. Remind them about your offer, show them what they’re missing, reduce the rate of abandoned carts and win them back.
  • Re-engage customers with up- and cross-sell product recommendations. Use customer’s history and interest data to identify their needs, preferences to adjust your offers and set the right time of their promotion.

Personalize while maintaining full privacy compliance

Personalize while maintaining full privacy compliance

  • Create highly targeted segmentation groups and provide them with personalized content based on the GDPR compliant data obtained with the user’s consent.
  • With Piwik PRO you’ll comply to international laws, including HIPAA and GDPR. Collect your visitor consents to respect users privacy and efficiently manage all data subject requests with Piwik PRO Consent Manager.

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We provide onsite marketing solutions to over 20,000 small and medium sized businesses across the globe. All of the analytics are run on Piwik PRO. Piwik PRO have proven themselves to be a trusted partner, in running Piwik PRO operationally with maximum uptime and being able to customize Piwik PRO to our unique requirements.


Explore the features of Piwik PRO Personalization

Retain 100% data ownership on cloud & on-premises

Host Piwik PRO Personalization on your own infrastructure, in a dedicated private cloud, or take advantage of Piwik PRO Cloud services (with secure servers located in US and EU: Germany). Regardless of the solution you choose, you won’t compromise data security and privacy obligations, and remain the sole owner of your data. Your data is secure and none of it is ever sent to other servers or third parties.

Deploy personalized content quickly & efficiently

Create pop-ups and creatives with ease without involving your IT or design departments. Deploy new personalized content, run A/B tests and implement changes by yourself from the easy-to-use Piwik PRO interface. Take advantage of Piwik PRO pop-up visual editor to create a new pop-up from scratch without CSS, HTML and JavaScript knowledge.

Get detailed reports of your campaigns performance

Measure your visitors’ engagement with personalized content and view performance metrics for personalized pop-ups and notifications. Use data from reports on impressions, clicks, click-through rate, conversions to make informed decisions while optimizing personalized content.

Learn how to run effective on-site marketing and retargeting campaigns with Piwik PRO Personalization