More control, less effort

Piwik PRO Tag Manager lets you control all the details of data collection and activation in a streamlined way. Spend less time worrying about tags and more time acting on your data.

This module is in the free Piwik PRO Core plan

Quickly create and debug tags

Build tags fast from a wide variety of templates. Customize any tag with JavaScript code. Implement, test and debug everything quickly within Tag Manager.

Data control

All the data you collect with the help of Tag Manager stays where you put it. If it’s for internal use, you’ll see it in Analytics and stay in full control.

Data privacy and security

Categorize tags and use Piwik PRO Consent Manager to make sure that tags only fire when there is appropriate consent in place. Always control collected data.

Tag deployment & management

Marketing stack management

Effortlessly manage tags, pixels and JS codes for your websites, digital products and secure member areas.

Library of tags, triggers & variables

With a vast library of tag templates, triggers and conditions, quickly implement even the most sophisticated tracking without touching a line of JavaScript code.

Out-of-the-box Analytics integration

Expand your analytics capabilities with templates for custom events and variables, form tracking, goal conversion and virtual page views.

Tag Manager Debugger

Quality assurance & debugging

Test & debug environment

Use a safe environment to test new tags, pixels and marketing tools before they go live. Take advantage of the debug mode to quickly address any potential problems.

Boosted privacy for all tags

Leverage integration with Consent Manager to define which tags require prior consent, and adjust your tracking according to user privacy preferences.

Customization options

Custom tags & triggers

Take advantage of custom tags or HTML editor to create and modify tracking pixels for whatever setup you need.

Flexible & customizable data layer

When standard tag manager capabilities are not enough, employ a data layer to add more information about events and variables to your tags.

Custom JavaScript variables

For even greater marketing tag flexibility, you can also call out custom variables using JavaScript code.

On-site retargeting & personalization

Custom pop-ups

Run non-intrusive, tailored pop-ups and messages triggered by exit-intent, time, scroll or other types of user behavior.

Personalized content

Use individual visitor data to personalize your website’s content (e.g. banners, ads and other HTML elements).

Performance reporting

Analyze performance metrics and see how visitors engage with custom content and pop-ups.

Tag Manager - Custom popups

Professional services & customer care

From implementation and onboarding, through product training, to analytics consulting and custom integrations – we provide a personal approach on every step of your journey with Piwik PRO.

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