Simplify the Customer Journey Before & After Signing-In To E-banking & M-banking Platforms and Offer a Better Digital Omni-Channel Experience

Map all touchpoints of your customer journey to identify and optimize any weaknesses while meeting the highest security & privacy requirements of the banking & finance industries

Pre- and post-login behavioral data

Full data ownership and GDPR compliance

In-depth customer journey analysis

Piwik PRO addresses the needs of the finance and banking industry allowing you to:

Build a “segment of one”

  • Build precise customer personas and learn how clients interact with your brand across devices and channels. Build single customer view with Piwik PRO and use it to create more tailored product offers designed for predefined audiences. Acquire and retain clients more effectively with detailed user profiles.

Curb customer attrition rates

  • Use granular data from Piwik PRO Single Customer View to optimize the onboarding process. Utilize this data to avoid asking customers for the same information multiple times, to stay consistent across multiple channels and keep your customers informed. Boost performance of your customer support with effective multichannel onboarding.

Understand customer behavior in post-login areas

  • Capture user behavior in secure member areas while respecting users’ privacy. Analyze your customers’ account activity to create highly segmented audiences and reach them with retargeting campaigns. Utilize data from Piwik PRO to optimize the performance of your up- and cross-sell campaigns.

Optimize the customer experience

  • Learn how your customers interact with your m-banking and e-banking platforms. Build highly granular & actionable segments utilizing data on their actions (including online searches, customer service interactions and transactions). Use this data to simplify complex user paths, improve user flow and personalize their experience.

With Piwik PRO Analytics Platform you can:

Identify & reach inactive customers

Create win-back pop-ups to reach inactive customers. Take advantage of data from Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform to segment your existing clients and create tailored pop-up offers for them. Reach customers likely to end their business with your bank with special offers and reduce churn.

Support branch sales

Utilize offline and online data with Piwik PRO to improve the performance of your branches. Learn if a particular campaign was successful by tracking changes in branch visits. Use geofences to send special tailored offers to increase overall branch transactions and revenue.

Retain 100% data ownership for cloud & on-premises

Host Piwik PRO on your own infrastructure, in a dedicated private cloud, or take advantage of Piwik PRO Cloud services (with secure ISO27001 certified data centers located in the US and Germany). Control 100% of your data, it’s never sent to third parties regardless of the hosting option you choose.

Meet the highest security standards & privacy regulations

Adhere to the most stringent internal security requirements of the banking industry and comply with all international privacy regulations (including the GDPR). Take advantage of full access control, two-factor authentication, single sign-on and audit logs. Receive detailed logs of all activity within the platform and manage all your users in a central database.

Let us walk you through all the functionalities of Piwik PRO and answer all of your questions!