Piwik PRO Analytics Suite: The Highest Security Standards for Government Organizations

Comply with the strictest international privacy laws including GDPR. Retain full ownership of your data

The Highest security standards

Full data ownership and GDPR compliance

Detailed reports

Piwik PRO for Goverments

Piwik PRO addresses the needs of government institutions and public organizations by allowing you to:

Lead citizens to the right content faster

  • Identify how your citizens move through your websites to reach desired content. Use your findings to reveal more efficient paths and optimize the way citizens get information on your website. Personalize the content of your pages to offer the right information in the right place.

Reduce citizen support costs

  • Streamline external communication with a website optimized to respond efficiently to citizen needs. Change content based on analytics data to reduce the number of questions your staff have to answer by email or telephone.

Measure content awareness & popularity

  • Find out if citizens are interested in documents available on your websites, such as legislation and other directives. Learn which phrases are being searched for, which documents are downloaded and which pages are viewed most often. Use those findings to measure citizen awareness regarding pressing societal issues.

Comply with the strictest privacy regulations

  • Learn how citizens navigate through your websites and consume content while adhering to the most stringent internal security policies. Comply with the strictest privacy laws and security standards including: GDPR, HIPAA and Chinese and Russian Internet Laws.

With Piwik PRO Analytics Suite you can:

Retain 100% data ownership for cloud & on-premises

Host Piwik PRO on your own infrastructure, in a dedicated private cloud, or take advantage of Piwik PRO Cloud services (with secure ISO27001 certified data centers located in the US and Germany). Control 100% of your data, it’s never sent to third parties regardless of the hosting option you choose.

Meet the highest security standards

Conform to both internal and external security requirements with full access control, two-factor authentication, single sign-on and audit logs. Gain full control of who can access the data in your platform. Receive detailed logs of all activity within the platform and manage all your users in a central database.

Increase citizen satisfaction

Provide citizens the information they need and present it in a highly accessible way. Learn how users behave on your websites, whether they use mobile or desktop, or contact you by email. Use this information to optimize content and increase the functionality of your websites.

Monitor staff intranet activity

Measure employee engagement and content usage such as with new regulations and directives. Track content consumption with Piwik PRO Intranet Analytics to learn how your employees use your digital workspace whether it be SharePoint or Confluence. Get reports for various departments or agencies and create groups based on topic or location.

Let us walk you through all the functionalities of Piwik PRO and answer all of your questions!