Piwik PRO for Product Teams: Improve User Flow and Engagement With Your Digital Products

Understand how clients are using your products, segment the most profitable ones and improve product retention

Improve user engagement

Reduce churn rate

Optimize user flow

Piwik PRO for product teams

Piwik PRO addresses the needs of product teams by allowing them to:

Optimize user flow

  • Determine if the workflow design of your products is correct and efficient by tracking user behavior (including in post log-in and secure member areas).Analyze popular user paths to remove bottlenecks and allow users to more easily achieve their goals within your products.

Identify the most engaged users

  • Find out how users interact with your products. Learn which features they use the most and how often they use your product (daily, weekly or monthly). Pick out the most engaged users and identify their common characteristics.

Improve user activation rate

  • Find out where users are dropping off during onboarding and identify the activation points for your products. Use this data to optimize the user onboarding process and to create successful strategies moving users to each activation point.

Increase user retention

  • Find out which users are likely to use your products again and which are unlikely to return. Identify at-risk users for nurture campaigns, prevent churn and keep your clients engaged and satisfied.

With Piwik PRO Analytics Suite you will:

Find your product’s Aha! moment

Learn what people actually use your product for and find the point where your its value becomes clear to them. Identify the essential ingredients and find behavioral patterns to build better products.

Track users in post log-in areas

Track user behavior on payment and transactional pages, and during their signed-in sessions. Take advantage of Piwik PRO’s security features to capture user data from secure member areas in a safe and privacy-complaint way.

Get cloud & on-premises hosting

Deploy Piwik PRO on your own infrastructure, in a third-party data center or on our secure servers located in the US, Germany and the Netherlands. Get hassle-free deployment to a high security environment and 100% data ownership – no matter where you host.

Comply with strict privacy laws

Don’t worry about privacy regulations limiting your analytics efforts. Adhere to the most stringent security policies and comply with international privacy laws including GDPR and HIPAA. Efficiently manage all data subject requests with Piwik PRO Consent Manager.

Let us walk you through all the functionalities of Piwik PRO and answer all of your questions!