Piwik Cloud

Avoid the burden of maintaining your own infrastructure
for Piwik, which saves you time and money.

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Powerful, feature-packed and secure web analytics hosting

The data that you gather is 100% owned and controlled by you.
That’s difference with Piwik.

Receive detailed reports about your website and its users, track an unlimited number of websites and create any number of users.

Never miss a beat with Piwik Cloud’s scalable and redundant infrastructure setup. It ensures that the data tracking service is always available.

We protect your data by adhering to high security standards and implementing industry best practices.

We will provide you with fast, clear and effective responses that will ensure you find the best solution to your problem, if you ever experience any.

All the data you might need, served in a clean and legible way.


We will host, maintain and support your Piwik on our servers – saving you time and money.
Take advantage of our FREE 30-Day Trial and Premium Email Support – available on all our standard plans.
After your trial, your plan will be calculated to suit your needs. Take a look at our pricing structure.


Up to 300 000 page view per month 49€ per month


Up to 1 000 000 page view per month 99€ per month


Up to 5 000 000 page view per month 390€ per month


Up to 10 000 000 page view per month 690€ per month

Reliable, secure and cost-effective
your complete cloud hosted analytics service tailored for you.

Start your free 30-day trial now!

Want to know more?
Here is Piwik Cloud in more detail.

Piwik Analytics Platform

Enjoy the power of your very own Piwik analytics platform. Track unlimited number of websites, create any number of users and more!

Full service

Piwik is guaranteed to be always kept up to date.

Data ownership

You are the sole owner of the data tracked by your Piwik and you can request a full raw data dump at any time.


Piwik respects the privacy of your users and will help you comply with EU & local law regulations.


Piwik Cloud is based on scalable, redundant infrastructure setup ensuring that your data tracking service is always available.


All our infrastructure as well as your Piwik platform are monitored 24/7. We detect potential issues before they affect the service and react accordingly.


We implement high security standards and industry best practice to ensure your data is protected.


Your data is safe with us. We replicate your analytics data into multiple database servers and we make daily backups.

Technical and user support

If you experience any issues, we will provide fast, competent and clear responses focusing on finding the best solution to your problem.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our maximum response time for critical issues is within 4 hours, so you can be sure that any issues will be resolved as soon as possible.