Piwik PRO masterclass for marketers: Advanced analytics to drive strategic decision-making

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Learn how to make the most of your data analytics with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) and advanced features like data anonymization, intuitive custom reports and channel grouping. See how to improve your marketing efforts without compromising user privacy.

Series host

Timo Dechau

Founder, Tracking & Analytics Engineer at Deepskydata

Timo is recognized as one of the leading figures in digital analytics. He has 8 years of experience in product development and has been making data video content for the past 2 years. And he shares his knowledge with others. Timo’s insightful content is consumed by over 10,000 data enthusiasts.


Siobhan Solberg

Privacy consultant, founder of Raze

Shaun Adams

Chief Operating Officer at Credit Canary

Juliana Jackson

Technical Marketing Expert

Maciej Stanasiuk

Data Analytics and Activation Expert, CEO at DefusedData

Arpit Choudhury

Data strategy expert, CEO at Databeats

Glenn Vanderlinden

Co-Founder at Human37

See what you will learn in this series

Successful marketing in a privacy-first world

See how privacy-friendly analytics deliver relevant insights while respecting individual privacy rights. Learn about data minimization and how consent management and data anonymization allow you to comply with privacy and security laws.

Customer-centric approach and powerful integrations

Find out how Piwik PRO fits seamlessly into your marketing stack. Discover how integrations with Customer Data Platform (CDP), Google Search Console, Looker Studio, Zapier, and other tools allow marketers to maximize the value of their activities.

A guide through the platform’s advanced capabilities

Learn how analytics can provide deeper consumer insights and improve ROI. Get to know Piwik PRO’s advanced features for website and app tracking. We’ll walk you through product advanced custom and ecommerce reports, metrics, dimensions, and channel groupings.

Practical expert know-how

Learn from practitioners with years of experience in marketing, analytics, data strategy and privacy: Siobhan Solberg, Juliana Jackson, Arpit Choudhury, Glen Vanderlinden, Shaun Adams, Maciej Stanasiuk and Timo Dechau as host.

Watch the episodes


Ecommerce marketing: How to get enhanced online store analytics

Discover how to go beyond ecommerce analytics with Piwik PRO to act on customer insights and drive more sales. In this episode, you will see how advanced analytics features empower ecommerce marketers and owners to make better business decisions and strengthen their sales funnel.


Juliana Jackson, Timo Dechau

Data Activation

Marketing and data activation: How to build personalized experiences for customers

Data collection is not enough. You must activate data to provide a personalized experience and run effective campaigns across channels. In this episode, you will discover the practical and privacy-compliant Piwik PRO use cases for creating audiences, improving customer experience through personalization, recognizing the most profitable clients, and more.


Arpit Choudhury, Glenn Vanderlinden, Timo Dechau


Privacy and marketing: How to do powerful analytics with less data

As a marketer, you have to respect visitors’ privacy and be able to gather valuable analytics data to optimize your marketing operations. Learn the practical and privacy-compliant Piwik PRO use cases and improve your marketing effectiveness.


Siobhan Solberg, Timo Dechau

Data stack

Modern data stack: How to enrich your warehouse analytics with Piwik PRO

Gain access to even more insights by mixing and synchronizing analytics data in a data warehouse. In this episode, we will guide you through the data export and integration options available in Piwik PRO and show how they can fuel your modern data stack setup.


Maciej Stanasiuk, Timo Dechau


Analytics and marketing: Marketing manager power session

You can’t measure your conversions, assess brand awareness and see which pieces of content are most effective without the right analytical data. Join Piwik PRO’s practical marketing manager power session, enhance your analytical skills and put your data into action to achieve higher ROI.


Shaun Adams, Timo Dechau