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How a leading German enterprise enhanced its ecommerce infrastructure with the help of dotSource and data from Piwik PRO

dotSource has been our partner since 2022, and their story appears as part of our Partner Spotlight series.

A leading company from the construction sector and a long-standing dotSource customer was facing a significant challenge – to create a new online store available in the respective languages of its national subsidiaries. In addition, the client wanted the individually configurable products to be prominently displayed and clearly explained.

The company also recognized the need for a more individual and purposeful approach to the various B2B target groups.

To ensure broad acceptance of the new digital platform from day 1, the dotSource team worked with the client to identify the needs and touchpoints of its end users, employing personas and customer journey mapping.

The result is a holistic, data-driven business concept with three core elements:

  • An online store with a product configurator that lets the client digitally map the individual product needs of end users.
  • An innovative content strategy that provides the respective target groups with relevant information about products.
  • Targeted web tracking through online marketing measures that increase the reach of the platform.

As an agnostic full-service agency, dotSource has experience working with a broad range of solution providers. For this particular client, they presented the most suitable solution for individualized online marketing measures: Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. The web analytics platform has become vital to the client’s digital strategy.

Below, we discuss three main reasons for choosing Piwik PRO as a web tracking tool.

Privacy-friendly web tracking

Data protection was a crucial requirement for this international B2B client of dotSource. Piwik PRO proved to be the ideal software, as it upholds user privacy and ensures compliance with data protection regulations in force in multiple countries worldwide. Moreover, the company uses German hosting and is ISO 27001 certified, which stands for high security standards.

The platform’s focus on data protection is intelligently designed to enable online store operators to implement their tracking strategy and make data-driven decisions.

Thanks to Piwik PRO, our customer from the construction industry retains control over the data collected and only passes it on after users express consent. This system protects visitors’ personal information and complies with data protection regulations.

André Wolf, Business Unit Manager at dotSource

Another critical factor for the client was privacy compliance. Piwik PRO complies not only with GDPR, but also other data protection laws, such as France’s CNIL, German’s TTDSG, California’s CCPA, and Brazil’s LGPD. The client needed to be sure it follows all applicable data protection laws worldwide.

The company also wanted to understand its customers better and address their needs individually. Piwik PRO’s hybrid model makes it possible to gain valuable insights without intruding on user privacy. The intelligent combination of anonymous data with information collected only with the user’s explicit consent guarantees high data quality.

Furthermore, the B2B customer benefits from additional features, such as anonymizing IP addresses and obtaining user consent for data collection via the Consent Manager module. Those procedures contribute to building a relationship of trust with its users and secure privacy.

Comprehensive product suite and seamless integration of third-party providers

The company was looking for a product suite specifically tailored to the needs of the ecommerce landscape while allowing for flexible integration as well.

Tracking all digital channels, such as the various online stores for the customer’s subsidiaries, via the Piwik PRO platform was a major advantage and a significant time saver. Piwik PRO can track iOS and Android apps, single-page applications, classic websites, web applications, post-login areas, and many more.

Effective tracking of marketing campaigns is essential to increase reach through targeted online marketing measures. With Piwik PROTag Manager, B2B customers can easily manage tracking codes that record information such as dwell time or website visitor location. They create and manage these tags without extensive IT knowledge, contributing to faster marketing campaigns evaluation. Users can also collect, combine, and activate profiles in the Customer Data Platform module or send them to third-party providers for personalization.

As part of the data-driven strategy, the seamless integration of business and marketing tools was also crucial for dotSource’s client.

The flexible APIs of Piwik PRO enable a smooth connection with other tools, such as the complementary Microsoft Power BI for visualizing business data. It allows our customer to create meaningful dashboards and see the current status of project goal achievement at a glance.

André Wolf, Business Unit Manager at dotSource

Furthermore, the API structure facilitates connections with standard marketing channels, such as Facebook Business Manager, Meta Ads, Google Ads, or email marketing platforms, allowing the client to address its target groups even more precisely. The comprehensive data evaluation opens up more accurate target group analyses and personalized marketing campaigns, and enables data-based decisions.

Easy migration and intuitive user interface for effective collaboration

Our client had to integrate the Piwik PRO platform into the existing system landscape and transfer the data from the previous analytics setup. The migration went easily due to the similar logic, comparable to tools such as Google Analytics.

André Wolf, Business Unit Manager at dotSource

Since August 2023, switching to Piwik PRO has become even easier. Thanks to a new feature, a ready-made template, the tool only needs to be set up to transfer the data. It makes data migration and using familiar functions easier, especially for companies that previously used Google Analytics.

With Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, organizations can create individual teams and assign specific roles to their members. It can be helpful for large entities with multiple national subsidiaries, like dotSource’s international B2B client. This way, individual teams retain control over data access and can efficiently coordinate work across departments.
In addition, Piwik PRO offers precise control over who can access specific data through advanced access controls. Integrating single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA) provides additional layers of security to prevent unauthorized access.

With these flexible collaboration options, the customer’s teams can work together effectively, strengthen their analytical skills, and make data-driven decisions. The platform thus promotes teamwork and ensures efficient web tracking.

Piwik PRO and dotSource: The perfect combination for reaching top ebusiness performance

By investing in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and implementing Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, dotSource’s B2B customer has created a modern ecommerce concept that provides a holistic view of its potential clients and enables channel-specific and personalized communication.

With dotSource’s ecommerce expertise and Piwik PRO’s web analytics platform, we form a good duo for companies that want to improve their ebusiness performance. Together, we develop customized solutions that help enhance digital channels and marketing campaigns.

André Wolf, Business Unit Manager at dotSource

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