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Analyze your digital workspace without compromises on security & privacy

Better understand how employees use your SharePoint portal to enhance communication and internal processes

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Built-in SharePoint analytics Piwik PRO SharePoint analytics
Popularity (pages, items)
Traffic (site and page)
Search (keywords)
Individual and team activity
Customizable reports and dashboards
Reports organized by team and office location
Tracking down to in-page actions
Internal email campaign tracking
News feed interactions
Content engagement reports

Recognize the most active contributors

Monitor SharePoint engagement in your organization by branch, user characteristics or location. Identify top contributors and encourage them to add even more value to your digital workspace.

Improve internal communication

Keep your staff up-to-date with important company information. Examine interactions with content such as announcements and success stories, and discover the channels that work best to distribute them internally.

“Our SharePoint analytics allows you to set the level of privacy your company requires. You will only see data that is in line with your strict internal policies.”

Piotr Szostak
Product Manager at Piwik PRO

Boost productivity

Improve intranet adoption

Learn how employees utilize your portal. Spot teams and users struggling to adapt to the platform. Help them understand how SharePoint can benefit their everyday work.

Identify the most popular content

Detect the pages and documents your employees use most actively. Make sure your intranet remains a primary source of relevant information in your organization.

Discover internal demand for new resources

Look into keyword searches and the pages users visit next. Identify knowledge gaps and create new content that responds to internal demand.

SharePoint Analytics Dashboard

Compare 4 leading SharePoint analytics vendors

Learn how Webtrends, Piwik PRO, NGAGE and CardioLog Analytics differ from each other, and find out which product fits your needs.


Improve user satisfaction

Detect errors & pain points

Find and fix slow-loading pages, blank search results and time-consuming processes that frustrate users and hamper work.

Enhance UX

Get a closer look at user flow, funnels and session logs to remove bottlenecks and allow your employees to easily achieve their goals.

Optimize costs

Analyze files downloads and viewed pages to locate old, duplicated and unpopular items in your knowledge base. Revamp, update or dispose of them to declutter storage space and avoid unnecessary spending.

Address your enterprise needs

Product compatibility

Benefit from full product compatibility whether you have SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 or the latest version of Office 365.

Safe hosting

Keep the data on your own servers, in a private cloud or in our certified Microsoft Azure centers in the United States, the Netherlands or Germany.

Privacy compliance

Take advantage of an anonymization feature to turn user identifiers into hashed values – unique, but without revealing a person’s identity.

Access control

Enable integration with your user accounts directory stored in your company’s safeguarded central system – SAML or LDAP.

Customization capabilities

Leverage built-in integrations to capture more data from your SharePoint portal and plug Piwik PRO into your favorite BI tool to gain greater flexibility in visualizing your data.

Fast implementation & onboarding

Let us guide you through onboarding, conduct training sessions and answer your questions. We’ll make you comfortable with our platform.

“Piwik PRO Intranet Analytics allows us to manage our internal content more effectively and identify areas for improvement. It helps us identify the most engaged employees, so we can make the most of their potential and show appropriate recognition for their actions. We’re very satisfied with the product and our cooperation with Piwik PRO.”

Philipp Kirchmeir
IT Application Consultant at Greiner AG


Page content activity

Track all the actions users take across your pages. Uncover every share, new contribution, edit or deletion.

Pages & news social activity

Find out how users engage with your publications and news web elements – what they like, save for later, follow and comment on.

Documents activity

Get information about all interactions with documents in the library view. See whether users share, save or delete a given piece of content.

Cross-domain tracking

Identify users across intranet domains, even those outside of SharePoint. Easily analyze how your employees navigate between sites.

Rich user profiles

Enrich analytics data with User Profile Attributes retrieved from SharePoint Active Directory such as user login, user display name, office location, department and job title.

Interactive SharePoint dashboards

Present all your reports on a single page with customizable dashboards. Have the key data in one place to answer your business questions right away.

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