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How a marketing agency found Piwik PRO to be the perfect alternative to both Google Analytics and Matomo

Three Palms Media was founded in 2009 in Orange County, Southern California. They work with local and international clients. Their marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Searching for a perfect match

The client had been on the lookout for the right analytics platform for some time now. They used Google Analytics for a while, but it wasn’t a good fit for them. With the amount of different websites they had to manage, using it often felt confusing and awkward. They preferred an independent solution, so they turned towards Matomo (named ‘Piwik’ at the time).

It was a better choice in terms of comfort of use, but this open source software had its own shortcomings. Three Palms Media dealt with a high volume of traffic across many websites, and it was a challenge to handle all the technical details on their own. The company doesn’t have its own IT department, so the lack of support was troublesome for them – they had to research any problems that came up and figure out solutions by themselves.

The main reason we switched to Piwik PRO was having everything managed by someone, not having to take care of the open source thing ourselves. Previously we had a lot of issues, which was stressful because sometimes we wanted to access our data and it wasn’t working, and it took up to a week to get things back on track. We don’t have to worry about that now and it saves us a lot of time and resources.

Ingo Haupt, CEO of Three Palms Media

Dedicated support and an individual approach won the day

Three Palms Media went for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite because it had all the benefits of their previous solution, but also provided dedicated support. They were assigned a account manager who was their point of contact not only in case of technical difficulties, but also when something wasn’t clear, such as with new features or updates.

Piwik PRO provided the client with a tailored solution for tracking code implementation and a walkthrough of integration with AdWords.

The second most important thing, apart from the technical support, was having the peace of mind that we’re in good hands. We could contact you whenever there was something we weren’t sure of and we always got quick responses.

Ingo Haupt, CEO of Three Palms Media

Quick results with an easy-to-use platform

Three Palms Media used the data gathered by Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to analyze the performance of websites and marketing campaigns, test out new approaches and make optimizations. What they appreciated about the platform was its ease of use. They could instantly see all of their websites on a main dashboard, it gave them an overview of how everything was doing and allowed them to quickly compare metrics and results.

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite met their need for an independent solution. They had full ownership of the data they gathered – none of it was sent to other servers or third parties without their knowledge.

With Piwik PRO’s dedicated support, they don’t have to take care of complex technical issues themselves. This saves them time, resources, and gives them peace of mind that someone is there to help them whenever they need it.

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