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The right investment for relevant touchpoints achieved through detailed analysis and effective audience targeting

As an industrial lines insurer, HDI Global SE meets the needs of SMEs, industrial companies and corporate customers with insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to their requirements. In addition to their prominent position in the German and broader European market, the company also has operations in more than 150 countries through foreign branch offices, subsidiary and peer companies, and network Partners.

The company website targets international companies and potential distributors. It aims to strengthen international brand perception and to attract potential customers from all around the world – visitors can choose among versions targeting 20 countries in 8 languages. It’s main goal is to win leads via contact forms. The HDI Global SE newsroom covers topics from relevant events and expert opinions to research, case studies and innovation news.

The challenge

HDI Global SE’s customers come from various sectors. Even companies from the same industry have different insurance requirements. Insurance products often belong to a niche segment and are constantly influenced by new legislations.

In order to create marketing campaigns targeted for the right audience and based on their characteristics and interests, the company has to segment them thoroughly. One of the main challenges was to identify potential customers and sales partners. They had to be divided into groups based on their country of origin and type of insurance they were interested in.

Only with the help of this segmentation (eg. all companies from Germany that are interested in technical insurance) is it possible to perform behavioral analysis of this customer group in the next step. Within the scope of this analysis, the respective touchpoints can also be identified and later used for research of individual insurance products.

In addition to analysis of all contact points, it was also necessary to learn what information a customer requires at each step of their journey to create corresponding content. For example, first-time visitors would be offered general information, while those ready for a contact with the sales department would expect something more specific, like pricing and contract conditions.

There was also an issue with finding a good way to measure channel performance and optimize touchpoints to make sure that marketing budget was effectively distributed.

It’s important for us to find out where our potential customers are looking for insurance information. With Piwik PRO, we can accurately track the source of our conversions and invest our budget in the right online channels.

Thomas Quast, Online Strategy Specialist at HDI Global SE


HDI Global SE chose Piwik PRO to fulfill their analytics needs. User segmentation is performed with the help of the Customer Data Platform (CDP). This is where all customer information is gathered and later divided into specific audiences. In addition, a profile is created for each customer, which reflects their interest and progression in the decision-making process. All the data needed to create customer profiles is continuously collected in compliance with data protection regulations, thanks to Piwik PRO Consent Manager.

Customer profiles include all the data gathered from forms and with the tariff calculator on the website, e.g. their interests in specific products, topics that caught their attention and other personal information.

Additionally, profiles are enriched with behavioral data coming from analytics. This gives the company a way to identify which insurance solutions are being searched for by potential customers and what content (eg. articles, case studies etc.) is the most popular among them. The data can be used to identify visitors who downloaded documents related to certain topics, like fleet insurance, or those that requested business documents within the broker section of the website. This way, visitors can be easily segmented into target audiences, like potential sales partners or corporate customers.

Custom Reports, another part of the Piwik PRO platform, makes it possible to create even more detailed user groups. Segmentation in these reports is based on country and region with reference to relevant insurance products for prospects. This supports HDI Global SE in their international activities, as requirements of potential customers worldwide can now be grouped and differentiated with ease.

User information gets enriched with additional online and offline data, coming from CRM and ERP systems or directly from customers. It’s used to build communication (e.g. their regular email campaigns) tailored to specific customer requirements.

Customer Data Platform is used again for analysis of the complete customer journey, helping identify which channels potential customers use in their search for insurance. It’s important to understand what information they look for on each channel and to what extent it contributes to their buying decision. Once it’s known which channels fuel the majority of conversions, the marketing budget can be distributed accordingly and the content strategy can be adjusted to match potential customer’s needs.


HDI Global SE uses behavioral and transactional data to define target audiences and communicate with potential customers using channels that have proven to be the most effective. Those actions made it possible to achieve one goal – generate more conversions using forms and tariff calculators.

A good example of a decision based on data analysis was their redistribution of ad spending on high-performance campaigns. It started with a realization that many visitors, who eventually converted to customers, came from a source that hadn’t even been considered previously. The discovery, along with the data that supported it, lead to changes in the marketing budget allocation so the new channel would be taken into account.

Another positive result is the identification of content categories and topics for potential B2B customers. Each target audience is now served with appropriate content, and this matching works much better than before. A stronger focus on relevant content gives HDI Global SE a chance to communicate their industry and expert knowledge more efficiently.

Since customer requirements vary by country and even region, content is personalized based on location. In the long run, an increased international brand perception should be possible through improved customer experience and better search engine results.

About HDI Global SE

Companies from the trading, production and service industries need an insurance partner they can rely on. As part of the Talanx Group, HDI Global SE has been one of the leading insurers offering a broad and needs-based range of insurance solutions and accompanying services for decades.

HDI Global SE operates through foreign branches, subsidiaries and affiliates as well as network partners in more than 150 countries, offering international industrial insurance programmes.

HDI Global SE offers a complete range of products to insure against business risks. Worldwide cover in the form of international insurance programmes, full insurance cover for personnel assignments abroad or innovative insurance against cyber risks “Cyber+” are additional examples of their superior level of performance.

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