Marketing Tag Templates

Part of the powerful integration between Piwik PRO analytics and Piwik PRO Tag Manager includes a wide range of marketing & web analytics tag templates.

What are the benefits of using Piwik PRO tag templates?

Part of the advantage of using a tag management system is having control over all your tags in one place. This saves time and resources, and ultimately money. By utilizing the tag templates that come built in to the Piwik PRO Tag Manager, you can save even more time by quickly setting up tags that will report to your Piwik PRO analytics instance, No extra coding required.

Web Analytics Tag Templates

Provides vast library of tag templates for popular web analytics tools like Piwik PRO, Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, ClickTale and more. . Need more? No problem – utilize custom HTML tags to implement the tags you need.

Tracking Pixel Templates

Piwik PRO Tag Manager supports the implementation for the most popular tracking pixels like Google AdWords and Facebook conversion tracking and remarketing pixels . If your tools are not on the list, you can always jump over to our custom HTML tags.

UX & CRO Tag Templates

Piwik PRO Tag Manager is great for implementing intent-triggered pop-ups and feedback widgets like Qualaroo. Piwik PRO Tag Manager also supports the quick and painless implementation of A/B testing tools like Optimizely and VWO.

Piwik PRO-specific Tag Templates

With Piwik PRO Tag Manager you get exclusive support for Piwik PRO-specific implementations like Piwik PRO events, custom variables, custom dimensions, content tracking, cross domain tracking, virtual page views and many more.

A full-featured tag manager system

Instead of having to put up with long delays and rely on IT support, deploy exactly the tags you need, when you need them all by yourself and get the insights you require to make data-driven decisions.

Activate & Deactivate

Adding and removing Piwik PRO marketing tags only takes a few clicks within the Piwik PRO Tag Manager interface. It also shows which tags are live and which have yet to be published.

Retargeting tags

Make full use of popular retargeting pixels by pulling values from your data layer so you can target your most valuable audiences.

Unlimited campaigns

Use Piwik PRO Tag Manager to handle all your marketing campaigns. Easy-to-use templates combined with customization options provide unending options for busy marketers.

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