Piwik PRO Integrations

The Piwik PRO Tag Manager can be a powerful addition to the Piwik PRO analytics platform with built-in tag templates & integrations for Piwik PRO.

How can Piwik PRO Tag Manager extend your Piwik PRO capabilities?

Using the full potential of Piwik PRO analytics often requires gathering large amounts of data, especially when you are dealing with many web pages and a high volume of visitors. Thanks to Piwik PRO Tag Manager you can not only quickly implement, test and fire a vast number of tags to get the data you want, but you can also accomplish a range of specialized tasks to enhance your analytics reports, all without the headache of involving IT support staff.

Event Tracking Templates

Event Tracking Templates

Collect and integrate first-party data from various sources Implement Piwik PRO events fast and easy with Piwik PRO Tag Manager. Without IT support and accessing the website source code. Attach Piwik PRO events easily to button clicks, form submission and many more.

Custom Dimensions & Variables

Custom Dimensions & Variables

Add custom dimensions and variables to your reporting with Piwik PRO Tag Manager hassle free implementation. Implement Piwik PRO custom dimensions & variables Without IT support and accessing the website source code

Multiple Instance Tracking

Multiple Instance Tracking

Deploy changes to the Piwik PRO tracking code within seconds even if you manage hundreds of Piwik PRO instances. Great for managing a large portfolio of websites running on Piwik PRO.

Custom Piwik 
PRO Integrations

Custom Piwik PRO Integrations

Use Piwik PRO Tag Manager for an even bigger range of Piwik PRO custom implementations like Content Tracking, Virtual Page Views, Cross Domain Tracking, Adjusting Time Spent and more.

A full-featured tag management system

Instead of having to put up with long delays and rely on IT support, deploy exactly the tags you need, when you need them all by yourself and get the insights you require to make data-driven decisions.

Improved site performance

Maintain a positive visitor experience by keeping load times to a minimum while deploying all the tags you need for powerful analytics.

Increased agility

Using Piwik PRO Tag Manager makes it easier to implement and change tags in order to deploy and optimize marketing and advertising campaigns.

Reduced IT costs

Let your marketing and data analysis teams take direct control over tag management and save money that would otherwise be spent on IT support.

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