A/B Test Tracker

View the results of your Optimizely experiments in your own instance and combine the data with Piwik PRO metrics.

How can you benefit from A/B Test Tracker in Piwik PRO Analytics?

Piwik PRO A/B Test Tracker collects data on how Optimizely experiments affect conversion rates, visit duration, and other metrics available inside your Piwik instance. Compare results of Optimizely experiments in Piwik PRO to identify the winning option.

Hassle-free integration

Quick and easy integration with Optimizely lets you add experiment ID and data to enhance Piwik PRO’s out of the box metrics.

Extended data for each variation

You receive combined data from Optimizely and Piwik PRO for each variant of your experiment.

Create experiment visitor segments

Create dedicated Piwik PRO segments for your visitors and filter them out from the report of your choice.

Accessible data display format

Use the Piwik PRO Comparison Dashboard for a clear visualization of your A/B test effectiveness to compare how different segments perform.

Piwik PRO A/B Test Tracker delivers more and better analytics

Use this powerful feature to learn how your A/B tests impact your conversion funnel and user engagement level. Validate your choices on design, copy, and website architecture, be more confident in your data.

Two sources of data for quality results

You can achieve insights from experiments by monitoring your results in both Optimizely and Piwik PRO. Having two different reporting channels gives you everything you need to know for reviewing and understanding your data.

A/B Test Tracker gives you the power to make data-driven decisions

Segmenting tested groups of visitors in your Piwik PRO instance reveals a whole new world of additional reports and visualisations. Compare performance across groups and make sure you never miss a thing.

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