App Store Analytics

Learn how your mobile app is used, but also gain invaluable insights into how it’s performing against your competitors in the app stores.

What is App Store Analytics?

App Store Analytics from Piwik PRO helps you make the right decisions for marketing your mobile app in both Google Play and the App Store. Information about traffic sources, top referrals, and conversion rates lead to better marketing decisions and enhanced sales.

Aggregated reviews

Get complete information about reviews of your app to fix the things people don’t like and promote the things they want.

Up-to-date reporting

Use Piwik PRO App Store Analytics to get reports on the monthly, weekly, and daily performance of your app: sales, upgrades, installations.

All in one place

Piwik PRO App Store Analytics assembles all the data you need in one place, with graphs displaying the evolution over time of key statistics.

Spend money smarter

Detailed information about referral sources, customer country of origin, and other parameters help you target your advertising budget for the best results.

Capture the Google Play and App Store analytics data you need

Google Play analytics

Piwik PRO delivers information from Google Play about installs, uninstalls, upgrades, ratings, crashes, revenue, and Google Cloud Messaging.

Apple App Store analytics

Learn exactly what’s going on in the App Store with data about views, units, sales, sessions, traffic sources, retention, conversion rates, and campaign information.

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