Click Path

Understand how users converted to Goals by showing which ‘paths’ on your website they followed before a Goal Conversion. Especially useful for ecommerce sites.

What Can the Click Path Feature Do For My Business?

The Click Path feature in Piwik PRO shows you the most popular sequences of pages (click paths) that users visit as they work towards a Goal. In other words, you get a report which shows you the paths followed by visitors on your website as they travelled towards Goal Conversions.

Discover Paths Leading to Conversions

Learn about the paths visitors follow and user behaviour before converting to a goal. Use this knowledge to optimize conversion funnels.

Track Usability Issues

Use Click Path to find usability issues like 404 pages and dead-end paths. Insights that help you optimize your site’s User Experience.

Content Groups

Take advantage of content groups to organize your data and track URLs and pages together. Logical groups help you quickly reach actionable conclusions.


Use Piwik PRO’s segmentation features to follow visitor’s paths using the attributes that you think are most important – geographical location, lead qualification, or anything else.

Streamline your website and boost conversions with Piwik PRO Click Path

Piwik PRO Click Path reports help you discover unusual and unexpected paths users take when reaching goals. Uncover navigation and UX problems, optimize conversion funnels, and understand how users behave on your website. Use this knowledge to make it easier for visitors to navigate and increase conversions.

Fix your website

Click Path gives you knowledge that can help you understand where your website needs to be more user-friendly. Improve the user experience and get more conversions.

Discover unexpected user behaviour

Click Path shows you places where users in your funnel behave differently from your expectations.

Boost e-commerce conversion rates

Use Click Path reports to enhance your site users’ experience by shortening their journey to particular subpages and products.

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