E-commerce Analytics

Collect invaluable data on revenue generated by your website, transaction volume, and a range of other performance indicators using Piwik PRO Analytics

What can Piwik PRO E-commerce Analytics data do for you?

If your organization depends on online sales, you need detailed analysis to transform raw e-commerce stats into actionable insights. Revenue, orders, conversion rates, and a host of other product statistics can be analyzed by integrating Piwik PRO with your e-commerce solution. Get real-time data and drill deeper into individual user behavior to understand how to optimize your users’ experience.

E-commerce Log

Drill deeper into fine-grain reports on individual users. Follow the customer journey and track interactions by individual visitors with your store: e-commerce orders, cart updates, and product page views.

Goal Tracking

Set e-commerce conversions as goals in your Piwik PRO instance to measure success rates of your online sales. You can add goals as new steps in your conversion funnel via Piwik PRO Funnel Analytics.

Best Products and Best Categories

Get reports on your top performers based on a range of metrics like revenue, quantity, unique purchases, average price, conversion rate, and much more.

Abandoned shopping carts

Track cart activity and cart abandonment in real time. Combine those metrics with product and category tracking to uncover more ways to boost conversion rates.

Integration with leading e-commerce solutions

Piwik PRO E-commerce Analytics supports integration with leading e-commerce platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, and more.

Track Product Page Views and Category Page Views

Get conversion rates calculated for each product and category by tracking product page views and category page views. Learn which pages need tweaking to boost conversion rates and generate more revenue.

Real Time E-commerce Analytics

Reports on the dashboard are updated every 10 seconds. Use the Real Time Live! widget and E-commerce Log for the most current user-level e-commerce analytics data from your shop. See exactly what your customers are doing as they do it.

E-commerce Statistics API

The Piwik PRO Analytics E-commerce API provides quick and easy access to all of your website’s visits and actions performed on it. Review records for a given day, date range, or individual user. It also can be integrated with your CRM, customer database, e-commerce database, or existing data warehouse.

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