Goal Tracking

Track an unlimited number of goals and enhance your online strategy

How will Piwik PRO Goal Tracking improve my web analytics?

Use Piwik PRO Analytics Goals to measure all the key actions relevant to your business. With detailed reports at your fingertips you can improve your website and make reliable, data-driven decisions. Track your marketing campaigns, e-commerce goals and conversions to improve your digital presence.

Record file downloads

Track user engagement with your apps, software and content. Download tracking is done automatically, no extra tags required.

Track E-commerce Performance

Put values on conversions in your e-commerce store and identify the most profitable products and categories.

Unlimited goals

Unlike SaaS analytics tools, neither self-hosted Piwik PRO nor the Cloud version places limits on the number of goals you can track.

Campaign tracking

Identify which campaigns perform best, invest in the most profitable sources of traffic and watch your conversion rates rise.

Piwik PRO Analytics Goal Tracking delivers the knowledge you need to plan and execute for better results.

Trigger goals for individual pages

Use Goal Tracking to record users visiting a specified URL, as well as pages with particular titles. You can also set links to external websites as separate goals, with no additional tagging required.

Custom goals

Piwik PRO Analytics Goal Tracking allows you to manually create and track goals simply and quickly using the trackGoal function. By inserting the appropriate tags you can observe goals based on event tracking, such as button clicks, videos being played, and even mouse movements.

E-commerce goals

Use Goal Tracking to record products added to the shopping cart, sign-ups to newsletters, and all other actions that mean money for your business. You can also set up conversion funnels for every goal to get an even clearer picture of user activity.

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